Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Stop the Waze and Read a Map!

Here's the video of Israeli soldiers, who by following Waze, not having a clue where they were ended up in Jenin and were attacked.

This isn't the first time such a thing has happened. Waze and Google Maps, which should be used to supplement map navigating, quickly replaced the trusty map.

One should first learn location, topography etc, map out a couple of possible routes and then you can check Waze to see which of those routes would be best, due to traffic and all. By first learning about the actual location, you'd be perfectly aware that Waze is recommending entering dangerous territory.

Please don't get me wrong. None of this excuses terrorism and violence by Arab terrorists. The situation that the Israeli Government has allowed terrorists to run free just minutes from innocent Jews is immoral and dangerous in all possible ways. The only apartheid here is the fact that Jews are severely restricted, not allowed by the PA Palestinian Authority Arabs in any place they were given to control. And even worse, Israeli Arab neighborhoods and towns are frequently dangerous for Jews to enter, drive through and shop in. But Arabs are allowed to enter and work unharmed, even renting and buying homes in Jewish neighborhoods.

Learn where you're going. Use a real map.


Anonymous said...

We already know that 'Israel' has been taken off many places in the digital world, so maybe these types of 'mistakes' are really not mistakes. Israelis have become too comfortable thinking they are really loved and feel secure; but only emuna in H' will bring security. Your suggestion about maps is the common sense thing to do, which is rare nowadays.

Batya said...

Interesting point and true about Gd. But davka WAZE is Israeli.