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Friday, June 30, 2017

Mazal Tov! "Marrano" Wedding on Temple Mount

מזל טוב Mazal Tov,  Congratulations and Best Wishes to the young couple who defied the antisemitic ban on Jewish Prayers and ceremonies on our holiest site in the entire world, Har HaBayit, The Temple Mount.
Tom Nisani, chair of the group Students for the Temple Mount and activities director for Israeli right-wing NGO Im Tirzu, wed fellow Temple Mount enthusiast Sara Lu on Thursday in a hidden, rushed ceremony.

Davka, unfortunately, it's here in the Holy Land and the State of Israel where Jews are so terribly and unfairly restricted.

My very best wishes to the young couple, Tom Nisani and Sara Lu. May they merit great things, many blessings and good health.

Gd willing these antisemitc laws will be quickly taken off the books, and Jews will have full religious and civil rights in our holiest of sites, all the Land of Israel and the entire world.


Mr. Cohen said...

Dear Bayta,

I agree with you 100% that the law banning
Jews from the Temple Mount is: grossly unfair,
anti-Semitic and stupid.

Like you, I eagerly look forward to
the day when the Temple will be rebuilt,
may it be in our lifetimes and soon.

However, in the English language,
there is a famous saying that:
“the devil is in the details”.

As much I resent the law banning Jews
from the Temple Mount, it is even more
important to avoid provoking another war
– especially now, when some Arab nations
are finally starting to become a little
less anti-Israel. Especially now, when
some Arab nations buy water from Israel.

Furthermore, you must certainly be aware
of the fact that Marranos are people
whose identity as Jews is doubtful or
uncertain. After hundreds of years living
as secret Jews, no person alive today
can testify that all of their matrilineal
ancestors were Jews. Since non-Jews are
not allowed on the Temple Mount, it is
unwise to permit people who might
not be Jewish to get married on the
Temple Mount – for example: Marranos.

Why Israel’s 1967 Borders are Undefendable:

How intermarriage harms
Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel


How Shabbat-desecration
harms Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem:


Mr. Cohen

Anonymous said...

Agree with Mr. Cohen on 'doubt' of lineage. I thought they would have to, of course, undergo true conversion, if they are totally sincere.

Batya said...

The quotation marks mean that it's not an accurate term.