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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Grrr... Now Team Trump is Harassing Us

I'm color/party blind. I don't go for this Peace-Deal Harassment no matter who's pushing it. It's the same nightmare in the making whether by a Bush, a Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama or Donald Trump.

  • It's not going to make a real Peace.
  • It will only increase and encourage terror.
Unlike Team Trump, I'm not new to this part of the world. I've been in Israel since 1970 which can be rounded off to half a century. Even before making Aliyah, I was one of the Jewish "activists" and kept up with the news of what was happening here and what our enemies were saying and doing.

Headlines like these just make me nervous:
Kushner and Abbas hold 'productive' meeting
Trump's son-in-law launches Middle East peace effort
It's pretty obvious that US President Trump is getting desperate to raise his "approval ratings" and distract the American public from all the scandals, whether baseless or legitimate, that are plaguing his presidency. Unfortunately, he seems to think that Israel's an "easy lay," that we'll fall for more meaningless promises from the arab terrorists aka Palestinians, sic. 

Unlike our Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and many others, I consider it much too dangerous to count on the Arabs shooting themselves in the foot and rejecting whatever horrendously dangerous for Israel concessions we end up offering. We should stop count on winning by default. It's going to end very soon. We have to speak plain and clear and stop encouraging the growing pressures on us.

The photo above is of the ongoing archaeological digs in Tel Shiloh, a short walk from my house. The artifacts dug up are confirming the history here as we Jews see it. It's our history from thousands of years ago. we have no returned home to our ancient historic homeland. We Jews are the only People native to this land as as sovereign nation. We should do nothing to endanger our living here, and a peace, sic, treaty that recognizes Arabs as having equal/parallel rights to ours will endanger the continued existence of the State of Israel. 


Chrysler 300M said...

he communists Dayan, Rabin, Peres & co capitulated to the Arab murderers right after June 1967. After that the OSLO shame etcetc.

Rav Kahane was right.

Now it seems too late for transfer of the jihadist invaders.
Am yisroel chai!

Mr. Cohen said...

As Batya Medad mentioned, another effort
to push Jews OUT of the land-of-Israel
and Jerusalem is being made.

The Biblical explanation is this:

The Biblical Book of Joshua,
chapter 23, verses 12 to 13,
G_d reveals that:

If Jews intermarry with non-Jews,
then He will NOT help the Jews
conquer the Land of Israel.

And even worse, the sin of intermarriage
will cause the Jews to be driven out
from the Land of Israel.


The Biblical Book of Jeremiah,
end of chapter 17, teaches:

If the Jewish people observe Shabbat
then Jerusalem will be ruled by Jews forever
(verses 24 to 25).

But if Jews DO NOT observe Shabbat,
then the Land of Israel [literally, Jerusalem]
will burn with fire (verse 27, last verse of chapter).


Batya Medad said...

We can't give up.