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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Horrendously Useless New Bus Shelters/Stops

Our regional council, Binyamin just replaced most of the bus stops with these awful tin cans. You can't see if a bus is coming, and drivers can't see if anyone is waiting inside.  The clerks, who get "company cars," claim they chose them to keep us dry when it rains, just a few/months weeks a year.

Considering how closed they are, the buses will just pass us by unless we stand outside. So what's the point?!

Are they safe in a lightning storm?


Mr. Cohen said...

Maybe a contracting company whose owner
has friends in the government was paid
by the government to build these bus shelters.

Maybe this should be investigated.

Maybe it will comfort you to know that,
in my humble opinion, bus shelters in
New York City are also poorly designed
and nearly useless.

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Batya said...

If that's the case...
All I can think of is the danger. Are they safe in a lightning storm?

Mr. Cohen said...

Bus shelters in New York City are made of
glass, plastic, and wood.

They have two walls and are open on two sides.

Despite their name, they offer very little
shelter against anything.

Ancient Roman historians connected Jews with the Land of Israel:

Batya said...

Ours are worse, especially security wise.

Tzivia in Aliyahland said...

I'd say that bus shelters here, most of the time, don't have much work other than keeping off the sun. And yes, it is possible to miss a bus standing inside that type of shelter. Ask me how I know. :-(((

Batya said...

I must admit that even at my age, I'm too "hyper" to sit inside one.