Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mr. Kerry - Who's an Apartheid State???

Anyone who has read Wall St. Journal blogger James Taranto’s “Best of the Web Today” column for any serious amount of time, knows that John Kerry has no substance to him. Indeed, one of the several public figures and organizations that Taranto criticizes and lampoons regularly, is the current Secretary of State and former Senator John Kerry – who is often described as "the haughty, French-looking Massachusetts Democrat who by the way served in Vietnam."
The Vietnam reference is to what he considers John Kerry’s ceaseless invocations of his service in Vietnam, leading Taranto to equally ceaseless descriptions of Kerry as the “haughty, French-looking Democrat, who by the way served in Vietnam.” Many claim that Taranto more or less single-handedly transmuted the Kerry-looking-French meme from an inside Republican joke into a staple of late-night comedy routines.
This is sometimes followed by the number of days since Kerry promised to release his medical records, driving home the point that this was never done.
Another favorite quote from Kerry that Taranto constantly refers to is: "They gave me a hat," Mr. Kerry says. "I have the hat to this day," he declares, rising to pull it from his briefcase. "I have the hat." (This Kerry also said in reference to his Vietnam service).

But lately, Mr. Kerry has continued his obsessive-compulsive-delusional drive to obtain a “peace agreement” between the so-called “palestinians” and Israel. Every few weeks, so it appears, when things don’t quite “go his way,” he issues a new threat against Israel. Last November, Kerry threatened that Israel would face a "Third Intifada" - or violent uprising - if talks did not end with a "Palestinian state" in Judea and Samaria. And in February, he threatened Israel with a boycott if peace talks fail. The remarks were condemned by many Israeli officials.

But now, he has outdone himself, and lost all credibility as being any kind of friend of Israel’s. Adopting the language of Israel’s enemies, he stated that if the talks fail, Israel could become “an apartheid state.”

Well, let me tell you something Mr. Kerry about the United States you represent, in regards to your latest threat. The “founding fathers” all owned slaves, and it wasn’t till close to a century later that the slaves in the US gained their freedom. But this apartheid policy continued in many areas of the US for another century! Yes, the Civil War ended in 1865, but 25 years later, after 1890, the system of disenfranchisement, and second class citizenship degraded the citizenship rights of African Americans, especially in the South. There were three main aspects: racial segregation, voter suppression or disfranchisement in the southern states, and private acts of violence and mass racial violence aimed at African Americans, unhindered or encouraged by government authorities. The African-American Civil Rights Movement continued through 1968, when the Fair Housing Act banned discrimination in the sale or rental of housing. Now who’s an apartheid state???

In the words of Dr. Reuven Berko,
Those who define us as an "apartheid state" find it difficult to understand how Israel risked some of its best and brightest to fly our dark-skinned brothers here from Ethiopia. The rich range of "colors" in the Jewish society is used by Arab racists to attack Israel. They claim that Jews from Russia and Ethiopia have nothing in common, and therefore aren't real Jews. The trials of converting to Judaism and the hardships of Judaism are hard to explain to those for whom religious conversion is a short procedure.
What is the "apartheid" Israeli state? It is a state in which an Arab Supreme Court justice put a Jewish president who broke the law in prison. It is a state that did not implement "racist" separation on buses, in cafes, or in hotels, allowing Palestinian terrorists to blow up the Jewish "racists." So Israel's "apartheid crime" was in building the "racist separation wall" that kept Palestinian suicide bombers from expressing "opposition."
The "apartheid" Israeli state gave citizenship to Jewish refugees from Arab countries and to the Arab minority that remained in its borders. The "apartheid" state turned temporary quarters for refugees into Israeli cities, while accommodations for Palestinians without citizenship in the territories and in Arab cities remain refugee camps.
Arab apartheid prompts Palestinians to kill Israelis by firing rockets from civilian homes, knowing that the Jews will enforce "separation" and not return fire on the source of the attack. Apartheid is a Western double standard that backs the Palestinians. No American would allow a member of Congress to support Osama bin Laden, but "apartheid" in Israel allows the concept of "barriers" to be warped and enables Arab Knesset members to swear allegiance to the nation while openly undermining it.

Finally, Mr. Kerry, no one in recent years yearned for peace, not only in Israel but in the entire world, than Reb Shlomo Carlebach. But when it came to our Land, here is what he had to say:

  To conclude, I couldn’t say it better than this comment on of the articles about Kerry’s last threat:
“Kerry do us a favor and resign, your an embarrassment to the US, the real change needs to come from the White House - both you and Obama need to go!”

1. Caroline Glick, in her “Our World” column, condemns Kerry’s remarks as anti-Semitic, and goes on to say that “the only “Apartheid state” that has any chance of emerging is the Palestinian state that Kerry claims Israel’s survival depends on. The Palestinians demand that the territory that would comprise their state must be ethnically cleansed of all Jewish presence before they will agree to accept sovereign responsibility for it.

In other words, the future leaders of that state – from the PLO, Hamas and Islamic Jihad alike --- are so imbued with genocidal Jew hatred that they insist that all 650,000 Jews living in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria must be forcibly ejected from their homes. These Jewish towns, cities and neighborhoods must all be emptied before the Palestinians whose cause Kerry so wildly champions will even agree to set up their Apartheid state.
According to the 1998 Rome Statute, Apartheid is a crime of intent, not of outcome. It is the malign intent of the Palestinians –across their political and ideological spectrum -- to found a state predicated on anti-Jewish bigotry and ethnic cleansing. In stark contrast, no potential Israeli leader or faction has any intention of basing national policies on racial subjugation in any form.”

2. While Kerry himself “backpedaled” into an “apology”: In a statement Monday evening, the Secretary of State said if he ‘could rewind the tape,’ he wouldn’t have used the word ‘apartheid’ in his warning about Israel; both Democratic and Republican Congressmen condemned him. For example, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) took an apparent swipe at Secretary of State John Kerry, saying on Twitter that any statement comparing Israel to apartheid “is nonsensical and ridiculous;” while Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Monday evening said Kerry should resign from his post at the State Department.

3. It will certainly be interesting to see what James Taranto has to say about this tonight!


Anonymous said...

Shalom Batya.

I love reading all you write.
You are very knowledgeable and smarl.
Really, I mean this when I say, if wishes could be granted, I wish you could be leading Israel, becoming the Prime Minister. Oh, how things would look, may my wish come true.

Anonymous said...

Oh.. please read last word in the second line as smart.
Thank you.

NormanF said...

Who is John Kerry to threaten Israel? America's history of treatment of its own minorities was outright apartheid - one would think in good decency that Kerry would refrain from leveling the unfounded charge at one of the most egalitarian countries on earth. The reason there is no peace today is not the result of how Israel has ever treated the Arabs in the past or would treat them in the future.

The reason there is no peace is the Arabs reject the humanity of the Jew and his place among the family of the nations. The US Secretary Of State is barking up the wrong tree.
And his frustration and anger at Israel won't bring peace closer. Whether he likes it or not, the Middle East plays by its own rules.

Batya said...

Yitz, great post, thanks.

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yitz said...

sc: I am flattered that you think I am Batya, but it was actually me, Yitz of Jerusalem, who posted this. Glad you enjoyed it!
Norman, Batya, Anon: thanks for your kind words.
EVERYONE, please read the UPDATES that I just added!

Batya said...

Yitz, I should be flattered...
Next time try adding "by Yitz" to the title or the top of the post.

Anonymous said...

oh oh...
no, i mean, i feel a. bit foolish.. but really Batya is good and smart. Now Yitz, i liked what you wrote,and you too are smart.. and so i still wish the same for Batya and now for you too. :)
bless you both.


yitz said...

sc: It's perfectly OK, just wanted to clear up an misimpression. I put a "by-line" on my post today, more on the Kerry fiasco. Hope you enjoy that as well.