Friday, April 4, 2014

Bibi's Biggest Blunder

I hate to say this, but the State of Israel is now snared in a trap of its own making.

Getting out of it will not be easy, but it will be better than continuing in this undoubtedly dangerous situation. The Obama-Kerry "mediated" sic "peace talks," as they're referred to by Israelis, aren't really peace talks. They are a planning committee for the establishment of a new Arab state in the Biblical, historic heartland of Israel. That is the ultimate aim of both the Americans and the Arabs led by Mahmoud Abbas.

That's why Abbas has found it fitting to thumb his nose at the Americans and just behave as a "state leader," making all sorts of international agreements and signing all sorts of papers. He knows perfectly well that there's hardly a country or international body who cares whether or not the Americans have formally crowned him as President of Palestine. Being President of the Palestinian Authority is good enough for them.

De facto, the minute Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu agreed to these negotiations which pitted himself against Abbas, as equals, with the Americans shuttling between them, Abbas got what he wanted. He's considered Bibi's equal. That means that he and his cronies are a state/national government.

Even worse, and something that shouldn't be ignored, is that for many countries, the recognition of the "state of Palestine" is close to thirty years old.
The international recognition of the State of Palestine has been the objective of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) since the Palestinian Declaration of Independence proclaimed the establishment of the State of Palestine on 15 November 1988 in Algiers at an extraordinary session in exile of the Palestine National Council......As of 27 September 2013, 134 (69.4%) of the 193 member states of the United Nations have recognized the State of Palestine. Many of the countries that do not recognize the State of Palestine nevertheless recognize the PLO as the "representative of the Palestinian people". On 29 November 2012, the UN General Assembly passed a motion changing Palestine's "entity" status to "non-member observer state" by a vote of 138 to 9, with 41 abstentions.[3][4][5][6] (Wikipedia)
Countries that have recognized the State of Palestine.
We never would have gotten into this mess if Israeli politicians, especially Binyamin Netanyahu hadn't endorsed the "two state solution," which requires/includes recognition of Palestinian statehood sic.

For many years, davka, Netanyahu, a historian from the cradle, insisted that there was no such thing as a Palestinian people. But then he decided to move to the political Center of the Israeli spectrum and announced that he recognized that dangerous principle fantasy, the "two state solution."
"In my vision of peace," he said, "in this small land of ours, two peoples live freely, side-by-side, in amity and mutual respect, each with its own flag and national anthem."
At Israel's Bar–Ilan University, which is known as a hot house for Israel's right wing political class, Netanyahu outlined his conditions for the eventual creation of a Palestinian state.
"The territory controlled by the Palestinians will be demilitarized, namely without an army, without control of its airspace and with effective security measures to prevent weapons smuggling," he said. (ABC)
ABC News Photo Illustration

From then on, everything has gone downhill for Israel. Bibi's crackpot idea that he could limit the form of statehood for the Arabs is a unrealistic as trying to sweep floodwaters into a corner and expect the water to stay still.

We must get out that this diplomatic and security mess. I have no illusions. It won't be easy. It will take, determination, guts and the confidence that Israel can survive on its own. That's how we began our state in 1948. The truth is that we had no real allies. The countries that voted at the infant newly established United Nations for a Jewish State didn't actually help us on the ground. Our only real ally was G-d Almighty plus various Jews and the odd non-Jew who could see the miracles happening and wanted to join G-d's team.

One can compare divesting of this policy to a cancer-ridden patient trying chemotherapy, which causes him/her to ingest poisons which kill both the cancer cells and healthy ones. For a time the patient seems to be getting worse, but then after the cancer cells die, the healthy ones take over and he/she lives.

  • Prime Minister Netanyahu must declare the "two state solution" a terrible mistake and disengage from all negotiations.
  • Full Israeli sovereignty must be declared and activated over all of the Lands and territories Israel liberated in the 1967 Six Days War which we still control. (Obviously there's nothing we can do about the Sinai which was given to Egypt by Menachem Begin.)
If the Gazan terrorists attack from Gush Katif, then we must defend ourselves and attack back until they surrender. And then we take over!

This is the only way we will have true peace!!


Leah said...

Yes, we must be on G-d's team. that is precisely the way to see and to act on this. I wish had more intestinal fortitude. This, however,will require emuna.....

zionqueen said...

Let us be clear what has just happened. Obama held Pollard as a hostage for the release of 400 arab murderers of Jews. Worse he has attempted to black mail Israel into concessions that would harm Israel's security. This constitutes a betrayal of Israel. Am Israel can no longer have any confidence in the good faith or good judgement of Obama with respect to the arab israeli negotiations.

Anonymous said...

Obama thought he could get away with this, a cheap low blow. He seems to think little of us Jews. But whether it was timing or delivery or just the substance, this seems to be the straw that broke Chaim's back. I only pray that our Bibi Boss shuts the door in his face. He showed bad ill will, and bad faith. there is nothing more to say is there? And Abbas, well he is just being himself the backstabbing despot that he is.

US JEW ready to bold said...

Obama is Haniya of the west, instead o Shalit today it is Pollard. Obama is a terrorist for what he has just done. He has sunk lower than any other president, even jimmy carter

Batya said...

Thanks for the comments.
Just one thing, Pollard has been jailed during the terms of many, many US Presidents. Any of them could have let him out.