Friday, April 25, 2014

Truth and Consequences in Israel, Olmert, Abbas and the Extreme Left

Off with the Teflon!!

I'm a CPA's daughter, and I consider myself a simple pragmatist. I don't see myself as an unrealistic dreamer. It can be dangerous to let ideologies dominate reality. We must look carefully at what's happening. Caroline Glick got it right again when writing about the P.A. Abbas and his alliance with the terrorists in Hamas.  Time for consequences
Two weeks ago, Abbas signed on to 15 international agreements that among other things require the PA to respect human rights and punish war criminals.

And this week, he signed a unity deal with two genocidal terror groups all of whose leaders are war criminals. Every leader of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the two parties that signed the deal with the PLO, are war criminals. Under the Geneva Conventions, which Abbas signed onto just a couple of weeks ago, he is required to put them on trial, for their war crimes.

Here it is worth noting that under the Geneva Conventions, every single rocket launch from Gaza into Israeli territory is a separate war crime.

Abbas was only able to sign the Geneva Conventions on the one hand, and the unity deal with terrorist war criminals on the other, because he is utterly convinced that neither the US nor the European Union will hold him accountable for his actions. He is completely certain that neither the Americans nor the Europeans are serious about their professed commitments to upholding international law.

Abbas is sure that for both the Obama administration and the EU, maintaining support for the PLO far outweighs any concern they have for abiding by the law of nations. He believes this because he has watched them make excuses for the PLO and its leaders for the past two decades.

When it comes to the Palestinians, the Western powers are always perfectly willing to throw out their allegiance to law – international law and their domestic statutes – to continue supporting the PLO in the name of a peace process, which by now, everyone understands is entirely fictional. (continue)
In actuality the situation should be very easy to understand.  Only the Israeli Left refuses to do so. There are even some extreme Leftist MK's who are so blind to the truth that they insist of paying homage to Abbas in Ramalla.
A delegation of 14 Knesset members will meet in Ramallah with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday amid calls to cancel the visit due to the recent spate of terrorist attacks in the West Bank.
The delegation consists of lawmakers from Labor, Meretz, Hatnua, and Shas.
I consider it treason. They should be arrested and stripped of their office and financial benefits, government salary, pensions etc.  There must be consequences to such anti-Israel actions.

According to Israel's Chanel 2 via Arutz 7, Ehud Olmert may actually be imprisoned for his crimes. It's rumored that the prosecution will request a five year sentence.

There should be one law for all, and everyone must pay for their crimes. That is true equality!!


Anonymous said...

Treason, a form of political/social murder against the people of a country deserves no less then the death penalty. All is Bubkes

Batya said...

treason and terrorism should both be punished by execution

Anonymous said...

Olmert gets prison time. In the US the worst a corrupt president can face is impeachment, resignation, or public humiliation.


Batya said...

Clinyon got away with plenty.