Monday, April 7, 2014

Are The American Pressured "Peace" sic Talks Really Kaput?

Our security here in the Land of Israel declines with every "peace" sic agreement. Soon after the 1967 Six Days War, Israeli  (and all) Jews could visit, wander, shop freely and safely in Arab towns, villages and cities all over.  But since there's a very strange perverse meaning of "peace" going on here, the aim of international "mediators" and Israeli Leftists has been to establish an apartheid system that severely restricts Jewish access and involvement in any locale that has Arabs.

Sorry, Charley, but that isn't true peace.

We had peace when the Arabs in the summer of 1967 admitted defeat, but instead of Israel making that surrender unconditional and permanent, successive governments have worked outrageously hard to invent a new Arab leadership and identity to be our "peace partner."

All this has done for us Jewish Israelis has been to encourage Arab terrorism against Jews and destabilize the area.

The world, which is for whatever reason innately antisemitic has been pushing this "peace process" for over forty years, and Israeli leaders, starving for love and allies, keep on cooperating.  Of course the Arabs just claim to cooperate. They hold out for more and more concessions which keep on weakening and endangering Israel.

The Israeli "red line" keeps on moving Left and has almost moved totally off the chart. Just now, there is talk in Israel of ceasing these negotiations, most recently mediated/orchestrated by United States Secretary of State John Kerry. I wish I could be confident that the talks for a "deal" will really end. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu doesn't really have the guts to do it.
"The crisis continues. During the whole meeting, the Israelis threatened the Palestinians and no solution to the crisis was found," AFP quoted a Palestinian official as saying. The remarks came after US envoy Martin Indyk met with Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat and Israel’s negotiator, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, in hopes of finding a way to break the impasse. (Jerusalem Post)
I don't know what it will take, besides an out and out war. And even if that happens, which will be very brutal and deadly, I don't know if Israeli leadership will be willing to admit that it was caused by the weakness they have been displaying for decades in their quest for peace at any price.

Peace can't be bought, nor can it be negotiated! There can only be peace, true peace, when the aggressors have a total change of aims and want peace.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, made the following remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting:
"In recent months the State of Israel has conducted negotiations with the Palestinians in order to reach a peace agreement. Israelis expect peace, a genuine peace, in which our vital national interests are assured, with security first and foremost. During these talks we carried out difficult steps and showed a willingness to continue implementing moves that were not easy, in the coming months as well, in order to create a framework that would allow for putting an end to the conflict between us. Just as we were about to enter into that framework for the continuation of the negotiations, Abu Mazen hastened to declare that he is not prepared even to discuss recognizing Israel as the national state of the Jewish People, which we have made clear to both the President of the United States and to other world leaders as well.
To my regret as we reached the moment before agreeing on the continuation of the talks, the Palestinian leadership hastened to unilaterally request to accede to 14 international treaties. Thus the Palestinians substantially violated the understandings that were reached with American involvement. The Palestinians' threats to appeal to the UN will not affect us. The Palestinians have much to lose by this unilateral move. They will achieve a state only by direct negotiations, not by empty statements and not by unilateral moves. These will only push a peace agreement farther away and unilateral steps on their part will be met with unilateral steps on our part. We are ready to continue the talks but not at any price."

Did Bibi get it right or is he just posturing as part of his negotiations stance?


Shiloh said...

Bibi said basically talk and you get a state. Sorry, it won't happen as the Creator of All has a suprise instore. Such insanity cannot continue.

Batya said...

Bibi has made a very big mistake, and I'm not so confident that G-d will rectify it. It's the job of humans. G-d will help us, but only if we take the first steps.