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Sunday, April 27, 2014

One of the Things I Love About Israel!

The Sefirat Ha'Omer Count on the Egged Buses.

I took this picture tonight on the bus. We spent a lovely Shabbat in Efrat with family.

It's after midnight, and I got home not all that long ago.  I really don't have time to write a "proper post," so I'll leave you with the reminder.  The State of Israel may not be perfect. Certainly nobody I know is, including myself. The State of Israel is a Jewish State, and in many ways it's getting better and better. We must work harder and not give up.

Have a wonderful and healthy and joy-filled week.  Look for the best and not the worst.



goyisherebbe said...

In short, count your omer and count your blessings!

Batya said...

Well said, amen!

Hadassa said...

Yes, count your omer and count your blessings, but Egged won't be helping with that anymore. Egged Drops 'Omer Count' on Buses After Criticism

Batya said...

It was fun while it lasted.

Anonymous said...

What a shanda! In the supposedly "Jewish" E.Y., there was 'criticism' about the counting of the Omer on the buses? Who were these kofrim who have such clout to influence its removal - surely, a minority. That's the whole point: It's always the minority (leftists, etc.) who seem to control most everything in the political world, and because there is never an outcry by the good guys. they get away with it!

Batya said...

I complained to egged. Did you?