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Saturday, November 23, 2013

What Would Happen if Israel Would Say "NO!" to Obama?

It's only a few days until Chanuka.  Consider this post a Chanuka message.

Israeli politicians and even some of the media do admit that American advice, demands and policy are dangerous, wrong and worse.  Not only do the American demands brought by Secretary of State Kerry endanger the very existence of Israel, but American President Barack Hussein Obama's insistence on negotiating with the Iranians endangers the world.

Kerry has made it very clear that Obama doesn't want Israel to compromise in negotiating with the Arabs. We're supposed to give in completely to their demands, the American and the Arab demands.

Unfortunately, Israeli politicians keep insisting that we really have no choice.
"We shouldn't anger the Americans.  We need their friendship."
I disagree completely.

  • We don't "need" the Americans.
  • They are not acting like friends and allies.
photo credit VOA
So, what do I think would happen if Israel would finally just tell the Americans to just "stuff their turkeys" and leave us alone?

Of course, at first the American government would get angry and threaten Israel with all sorts of sanctions.  

Yes, maybe they won't give us any more shopping coupons for military equipment.  Israel will just have to improve its military industries.  That would be good for our economy, more production, export etc.  It's also very possible that the American military industry will be upset that Israel will no longer be improving its products. Israeli engineers who had to move abroad to find work will have work here in Israel.

The Americans may threaten boycotts of Israeli products, but since they use and need so much of our high tech inventions, they will find it impossible to really boycott Israel.

Within a very short period of time American politicians will be too busy jockeying for new positions and running for office. Remember that the American Presidential elections take about three years considering pre-campaign touring and fundraising, then primaries etc.  It's now three years to the next presidential elections. The clock is ticking.

For as long as I can remember, candidates campaign as if they are Israel's best friend.  How many times have we heard a candidate, a winning one, promise to move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem?  And we all know that when elected, that promise is the first one erased from the list as if it never existed.

Even Obama was sympathetic to Israel prior to being elected.

No candidate is going to campaign as anti-Israel.  It's bad politics.  Obama and Kerry will be blamed for tarnishing relations with America's most reliable  friends, Israel and Egypt.

One of the interesting things that has come up in the "fifty years since the Kennedy assassination" has been the revelation, new to many, that in the early sixties when Kennedy was President the United States didn't sell Israel weapons or give it aid.  Israel's two greatest and most crucial victories, our 1948 War of Independence and the !967 Six Days War were achieved without American help, aid, weapons or support.

Six Days War

In the long run, Israel will be better off if we stop listening to foreign leaders.  We'd be stronger and safer. The Arabs will understand that we're here to stay.  Their threats and terror won't have any effect, so they'll go back to wherever or stay, work and obey the laws.  The ordinary Arab who lives in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley will be very happy know that they will have the protections and services of Israeli Law. They will have to pay taxes to Israel, and once they do that their local services will improve.

Israeli sovereignty must be declared and put in practice in all of the Land we now hold.  The Palestine Authority must be weakened and warned that anything more than local municipal chores and services aren't theirs.  All international pro-Arab anarchists must be banished from Israel, declared persona non grata, including  foreign diplomats.  

Once we do this we will be on the road to peace, true peace.  It will take a couple of generations, but that's the only way.

We just have to say: NO!


NormanF said...

Agreed - and stop doing evil!

If Jews want to live, they should listen to Hashem and accept His gifts. As long they spurn Him and listen to the world, they will suffer and their children will die.

Its not really that hard a choice to make! Israel doesn't gain Arab respect by being weak and degrading itself. In that part of the world, only the strong survive.

That's always been true and its a lesson for the present and future generations to reflect upon.

Golda Liebermann said...

We have to stop following Esav eventually and depending on Edom for protection. The Torah says Edom will be owned by Ya'akov one day. And Parsha Zahor tells us what we are to do. Now, tell me why any Jew, frum or not frum would strengthen Edo by celebrating the establishment of Esavs' kingdom knowing full well only when Edom falls Israel rises?
Esave the Hunter, celebrated on Thors' Day. Or quite literally Thursday. The hunter. A holiday of stuffing your belly to excess with food and drink and comfort. SO OBVIOUSLY Esavs' favorite thing.

Batya Medad said...

Norman, amen!
Golda, exactly

Anonymous said...

batya, a blessed chanukka to all. may the miracle of this chanukka remain with the j people till the coming of the long long awaited mosiach.
the west has signed the deal. according to debka. and the news on tv.
i dont think there is anything to rejoice ...for us. being among the nations of the world, i feel we should tremble with fear. if Hashem allowed this to be signed, then He has plans for us, and its not anything to do with the idolatrous celebration of thanksgiving. this signing is NOT a gift for thanksgiving. what happened in the philippines, parts of US, and now vietnam etc, is a small dose of more to come. after the 60 odd tornadoes hit illnois within a couple of days they legalised same sex marriage, bringing it to 16 states in US. legally. what they are failing to see if the more they are suffocating isr, the more we are being thrashed. the j people dont need edom or anyone. its we who need you all. its the j people's merits that keeps the world going. it will all be well for the j people. Hashem will turn persia on to edom. on to us.