Sunday, November 3, 2013

The USA Endangers Israeli Security

For decades now, ever since between the 1967 Six Days War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israeli Governments have been trusting the United States with top-secret military information and asking its advice. This is a terribly dangerous policy. Two reasons:
  • American and Israeli agendas aren't identical.
  • The United States has absolutely no experience, nor success, in defeating enemies which aim to destroy it.  For the past fifty or so years, the American military hasn't fully defeated any army.  It got totally messed up in Vietnam and finally left with its tail between its legs.  Their experienes in Iraq and Afganistan aren't relevent for Israel's problems, nor are they all that successful.
This mistaken idea that the USA is Israel's trusted ally has been proven wrong time and again.  The friendship is terribly one-sided, and successive American presidents Perseid in  promoting policies that endanger the very existence of the State of Israel.  Unfortunately it is very hard for Israeli politicians to see and accept the truth.  They so desperately, dangerously and pathetically want us to be liked and have friends. For that we keep taking risks we shouldn't.  And that's why Israel didn't just bomb the Iranian nuclear reactor in its early stages, which it did decades ago under Menachem Begin's leadership in Iraq.  That sort of military action is only successful if it's a total surprise.  After years of public discussions about Iran's nuclear development, surprise is no longer on the menu.

Jewish Press

The Israeli Air Force probably was the source of a missile attack that destroyed a Syrian air base Thursday. The Israeli Air Force attacked and destroyed Hezbollah-bound SAM-8 missiles at a Syrian air base at the western port of Latakia early Thursday and apparently were the source of a later bombing of missiles near Damascus.

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Apparently, Israeli authorities had confided with the Americans about military action against Syria, expecting total secrecy and discretion. The Americans blurted it out to the media angering (or was it just disappointing) Israel.

Israeli security needs are best handled by keeping secrets secret and not consulting with any outsiders.  Our greatest military victories were when we were alone.  Most people don't remember this, but in May and early June, 1967 while Jews all over the world and international sympathizers worried about the future of the State of Israel because of the vicious threats to annihilate it by Egypt and Syria, no foreign country nor the United Nations did anything to stop Egypt and Syria.  That should be a lesson, permanently engraved in our minds, psyches and policy.  Push comes to shove, we Israelis have no true reliable allies.  But we have G-d Who will protect us as long as we obey His Torah and Mitzvot.

Chodesh Tov and Shavua Tov
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AsherLeaks said...

||officials said the US leak was |incensing and also puzzling.|||

||Asher had informed his brothers about Reuben's incest with Bilhah, and as a result Asher came to be on bad terms with his brothers, though once Reuben confessed, the brothers realised they had been unjust towards Asher; Asher's motivation is described, by classical rabbinical sources, as being entirely innocent of evil intent, and always in search of harmony between his brothers. He was the very one whose endeavor it had always been to reconcile the brothers, especially when they disputed as to who among them was destined to be the ancestor of the priests (Sifre, Deut. 355). In the Test. Patr., Asher, 5, Asher is regarded as the example of a virtuous man who with singlemindedness strives only for the general good.||

Batya said...

Asher, are you implying "good intentions"by the Americans?

NormanF said...

Even in marriages between a husband and a wife - there will always be certain secrets. You don't know for a fact if your spouse could use them against you someday!

Its foolish for Israel to confide everything in America. Friends don't always have the same interests. And when it comes to Israel's national security, the rule of thumb to follow here is that its none of America's business what Israel does or doesn't to defend itself.

If Israel acts independently, the US won't have to embarrass or anger Israel to avoid creating more problems for itself with the Arab and Muslim World. Israel behaving like a subservient running dog of America isn't good for Israel or America.

Anonymous said...

from what i have studied with the rabbis, reuven did not commit incest.
that Reuven went and lay with Bilhah, his father’s concubine...” (Bereshit 35:21-22) That would be an unbelievable act if it were literally true. Therefore, Rashi, based on the Gemara in Shabbat 55b, explains what happened as follows: “...When Rachel died, Yaakov moved his bed, that had been placed in the tent of Rachel, into the tent of her handmaiden, Bilhah. Reuven came and contested this shaming of his mother. He said, ‘If my mother’s sister was her rival, that’s one thing, but that her handmaiden should be a rival as well, that is intolerable!’ Therefore, he moved his father’s bed to his mother’s tent.” (Rashi 35:22, text beginning “He mixed up”) Because Reuven entered into matters that were none of his business, the Torah used such strong language to describe his act.

the holy torah does not try to white wash any mistakes. the time when two sons made this mistake was abshalom and adoniah.

only Hashem is the true friend of the j people.

deborah lurya said...

I disagree with the claim that US is endangering Israel security. No one can force us to give up our human rights not when we have nukes, air force and IDF. Come on- get some perspective outside of the sthetl. thinking. Dear God almighty,
Thy Will be done. That is all that it takes.

Batya said...

Norman, exactly. deborah, We don't need to treat america as an enemy, but we must recognize that we have conflicting agendas. The big fault lies with Israel for blinding ourselves to that fact.
rainbow, does that make sense to you?

Hadassa said...

"The friendship is terribly one-sided, and successive American presidents Perseid (sic) [persist?] in promoting policies that endanger the very existence of the State of Israel. " The American government promotes policies that endanger Israel. It is Israel's responsibility to counter those policies and it is foolish to deny that America promotes them.

Batya said...

Yes, Hadassa, the final responsibility is in Israel's hands. Just say "no"

ShoshanaRubin said...

Batya is 100% right. Israel will be much better off when she is not so close with the US and no longer shares military secrets with the US.

Batya said...

Shoshana, thanks