Friday, November 1, 2013

Daylight Savings Time, I'm not a Fan

summer fun at a pool
Israel just finished with this year's Daylight Savings Time less than a week ago.  We've never had it go on so late.  There were years without, and most had very short ones, just for the summer basically.

When I was growing up in New York, I never paid all that much attention to Daylight Savings. I as just neutral and pragmatic about it.  When your opinion  doesn't count, why get aggravated. Why think about it?

summer fun at the Israel Museum
I only began thinking about it when I was a young mother and had terrible problems trying to get my kids to got to sleep when the sun was shining.  That's when I became totally disenchanted with the entire concept.  I didn't need more evening sun.  I wanted early morning sun and early to be dusk.  I'm a morning person.

In Israel, the timing of Daylight Savings became a religious secular fight.  Some religious people wanted it to end before the twenty-five hour fast of Yom Kippur, which is usually in October or late September.  The rationale was that the fast would be "shorter" if we didn't have daylight savings, if the only the sun would set earlier.  I'm religious, but I think that's a stupid reason.  If you want the day to feel shorter, then begin prayers a bit later, an hour later, the time it would be according to the sun if the clocks here were the usual GMT+2.

If you want "more daylight, then just get up earlier in the morning, and your "day" will be longer.  To tell you the truth, I'd be happier if Daylight Savings Time would just be during the school summer vacation.  The later the sun goes down according to the clocks, the less sleep people get.  Students of all ages need sleep, so the school year should be without Daylight Savings.  In Israel we now have most of the year Daylight Savings.
Summer Time
YearSummer Time BeginsSummer Time EndsTotal Days
2013March 29October 27212
2014March 28October 26212
2015March 27October 25212
2016March 25October 30219
2017March 24October 29219
2018March 23October 28219
2019March 29October 27212
I protest.


Anonymous said...


I've never been a fan of DST here either. I don't have a problem with last Sunday in April to last Sunday in October, or even first Sunday in April to last Sunday in October. But beginning it in mid-March makes no sense to me.

It used to be six months, then seven, and now it is nearly eight (with the move to the first Sunday in November). I don't see the benefit of sunset at 8:15 instead of 7:15. It also means that a sunrise at 5:45 moves to 6:45, and that has some consequences too.

Maybe a reader can explain why we have DST in the first place. I would be happy keeping the time all year where it is.

Batya said...

amen, thanks