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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why All This Appease aka "Peace" sic Talk?

The politicians are threatening us with more of their faux "peace."
PM: Israel will become bi-national without peace
Olmert hails Arab peace proposal as 'historic opportunity'
Labor: We would join coalition for peace treaty

The Borovsky family is still sitting shiva, in the first week of mourning for Evyatar Borovsky  who was stabbed and shot to death by an Arab terrorist just the other day, and our politicians refuse to understand that it's all these "peace gestures" and agreements which encourage and enable Arab terrorism.

Yesterday I took some American friends who had never been in my neck of the woods, aka the "west bank" sic to visit my daughter in Ofra.  Ofra is about a twenty minute drive north of Jerusalem's "city line."  They had lots of questions and comments. 

First of all when we passed the Jerusalem lightrail, I made sure to explain the route which goes through Arab neighborhoods.  They were pretty surprised when they saw all of the empty land along the way. 
"What about Jews destroying Arab homes to build theirs?"
"It's not true; just look at how empty the land is here.  There is definitely room for all to leave in true peace."
When you're going to Ofra, Shiloh, Eli, or even Sha'ar Binyamin, which is much closer to Jerusalem there is only one tricky junction.  I explained that we must take the "middle road" of the roundabout/traffic circle, even though it may be easy to miss.  If you go to the right, it's ok, you'll go to Adam and just exit and turn right, but if you go to the left, you'll go to Ramallah.
"What's the problem in going to Ramallah?"
"You may be murdered."
"Arabs are encouraged to be angry and justify the murder of Jews, so it's not safe.  On most of the roads here, both Jews and Arabs travel, but there are some only for Arabs.  That's Israeli apartheid."
They noticed the difference in housing.
"What large gorgeous homes there are here.  Who lives in  them?"
"What?  We always hear that the Arabs are poor and suffering."
"The Arabs don't need permits and building engineer inspections. They build what they want."
As we passed Givat Asaf they asked:
"And what are those poor tiny structures?"
 "Those are cardboard homes, aka caravans.  Jews live there."
"Why should anyone want to live like that?"
And so it went, the questions and my almost incomprehensible answers during the short ride to Ofra.  They discovered that real life here is nothing like the news reports and the politicians' speeches. One of them had been in Israel for a period of months over thirty years ago, and she does remember the days, pre-peace when Jews could visit, shop etc. freely and safely in Arab towns, cities and neighborhoods.

This "peace" the politicians and media are touting only causes more death and destruction for Jews.


Yocheved Golani said...

I doubt that this is a refusal to understand anything, Batya. I'm convinced that contempt for Torah-observing Jews fuels the fires. Politicians say one thing and mean quite another. Look who's being murdered by terrorists time after time: the numbers of Religious Jews just might exceed the figures for any other demographic. Let's find out if trustworthy statistics on the issue exist, and check them out.

Batya said...

The problem is with the politicians and the media, not ordinary people as much who are followers

Ericka v g Leijonhufvud said...

It takes a woman to cut to the chase, I am wholly in agreement with the death penalty. Incidentally where do these impoverished arabs get the money to build such luxurious homes? No International press association has picked up on this one. As a European (a jewess with a small j) I have always supported Israel from the time I was a little girl. I have only seen one reference to wealthy Palestinians on an English Channel, BBC 2 several months ago. Erkat simply wants the whole of Israel according to the FB page he shares with Dr. Mohammed**********. ABBAS wants apartheid. I have reason to believe Erkat has cottoned on to the knowledge Israel now has her own OIL fields and he can see Petro $ in his minds eye. Israel has given in too often and now is the time to stand her ground and stand up to the lazy idle arabs who want to take over a ready made economy and infrastructure impose Sharia Law as in Saudi and screw as much money out of the foolish Yanks as they can.

Ericka v g Leijonhufvud said...

I am absolutely in agreement with you. Don't really know whether my comment got through, in my defense I'm not brilliant at these connections.

Batya said...

Ericka, the google people thought your were spamming.