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Friday, May 31, 2013

Obama's Lucky Timing, Scandals are Discovered in Second Term

Photo: AP/J. Scott Applewhite
United States President Barack Hussein Obama is just one of those lucky ones.  He managed to get reelected very easily, and the #$!%$! hit the fan only afterwards.  Eventually history my judge him fairly and accurately, but right now he is totally coated with Teflon, as the saying goes.

Consider Obama's background.  He was raised by a rather unstable extreme Leftist mother who left home young and had a hankering for foreign men of other races.  After schlepping him around the world, she let her parents raise him.  He had to deal with being biracial in a white world.  There are all sorts of scandalous posts you can find on the internet claiming that he became a drug addict, homosexual etc., but whatever the truth he managed to marry a very strong intelligent, stable black woman and get elected President of the United States.  That takes more than luck.  Obviously, he has the smarts to learn how to play the game right and attract the right mentors/supporters.

Obama can't expect his luck to last forever, nor can his mistakes be hidden for all time.

The recent scandals are chipping away at Obama's popularity ratings.
Quinnipiac also shows that the confluence of three scandals (the two listed above and Benghazi) are starting to collectively erode the President's approval rating. At the beginning of May, Obama enjoyed a 48% approval rating with 45% disapproving. A month later he is upside down at 45% - 49%.

I doubt if his ratings will go much further down, because there's a strong element of "worship" in many of his supporters.

What's interesting is that many Democrats, Obama voters, are upset at the revelations, but they just can't blame Obama.
While President Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, faces a possible perjury charge and increased calls for his resignation over the Justice Department's outrageous spying on the media -- elsewhere, another scandal is taking another kind of toll. A new Quinnpiac poll shows that the public is far from satisfied that the IRS matter is settled. A full 76% want a special prosecutor named; that includes 63% of Democrats.

At the recreation of the Truman
Oval Office at the Truman Library
 in 1959, the former President Truman
poses by his old desk which  has
the famous "The Buck Stops Here"
Americans on the whole don't see it as a "the buck stops here" issue.  The media loved to call Ronald Reagan the "Teflon president," but Obama is the real one.  It used to bother the Leftist media that people loved and believed Reagan.  They worked hard to chip away at that support.

In America there are voices protesting Obama, such as Charles Krauthammer, who believes that the Obama scandals are worse than most people think.
“I think there is a bigger story here, here’s the one that will in time come out,” Krauthammer said.  ”The biggest scandal of all, the biggest question is: What was the president doing in those eight hours?”
“He had a routine meeting at five o’clock. He never after, during the eight hours when our guys have their lives in danger, he never called the Secretary of Defense, he never calls the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, he never calls the CIA Director,” Krauthammer continued. “Who does he call? About five hours in he calls the Secretary of State. And after the phone call she releases a statement essentially about the video and how we denounce any intolerance. It looks as if the only phone call was to construct a cover story at a time when the last two Americans who died were still alive and fighting for their lives. There’s the scandal and that has to be uncovered.”

Considering the power and influence the Obama White House has over the world, there's lots to worry about.


10rainbow said...

thank G-d Hashem is in Control of the world. Hashem neither slumbers nor sleeps and is always watchful over israel and His creations.

Batya said...

but we still must do our share

Anonymous said...

According to my understanding, Barack Obama was raised to a great degree by his (white side) grandmother.

To understand the heart of darkness which was Obama's mom, you must read extensively at places like




Batya said...

a, I'm not going to get into dirt posting. Whoever wants to read all that and other stuff can.