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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Who is Bombing Syria? I Don't Care! My Enemy's Enemy is My Friend

Syria is a very dangerous country.  It's not just dangerous to Israel.  It threatens its own citizens, neighboring Arab countries and is a danger to that nebulous concept of "world peace."

So, the fact that "somebody" is bombing it doesn't really bother me, as long as its aim is accurate, hits the Syrian target and doesn't harm Israel in any way.
A series of explosions were heard in Damascus overnight Saturday, as the official Syrian news agency SANA claimed that Israel carried out a rocket attack on the Jamraya scientific research center in Damascus.

And from CNN:
An image taken from a Youtube video purportedly shows an explosion on a mountain filmed from a Damascus suburb Saturday.

(CNN) -- Syria accused Israel of firing rockets into the Damascus suburb of Jamraya on Sunday, striking a "scientific research center," Syrian state TV reported.
It is the second Syrian claim this year of a strike against what observers have described as a government defense research facility, and it comes one day after U.S. officials first told CNN that the United States believes Israel carried out an airstrike against Syria.
Israel Defense Forces declined to comment on the Syrian TV report. "We do not comment on these reports at all," an IDF spokesperson said.

This is the way a dangerous country should be stopped, not with talk and idle threats, the way it's being done with Iran.  The big problem now with stopping Iran's nuclear development is that it has been going on for years, and years and years already.  The whole world knows about it, and the whole world has heard rumors that Israel will bomb them like it did to Iraq decades ago if...   Well, it's impossible for Israel to bomb Iran the way it did Iraq way back when, because when then Prime Minister Menachem Begin ordered the air strike, it caught the world by surprise.  There hadn't been years and years of public and international discussion about the pros and cons and whether or not the United States would approve, support the move etc.

It's dangerous to delay in destroying enemies, just like when you delay treatment against cancer, the cancer grows and spreads.  So, I really don't care what country is bombing the chemical weapons plants in Syria. They should just do a good and complete job of it.


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