Friday, May 17, 2013

Jewish Blog Round Up, Let's Link Up Together

It has been much too long since a Havel Havelim has been posted, so this is rather unofficial.  Yocheved's may have been the last HH. I'm going to include all sorts of posts from various blogs, mostly those I'm familiar with, but as I search, I hope to discover some new ones.  Please share this round-up, comment and also visit and share the various posts.  For Havel Havelim updates, check out our facebook page, thanks.

Enough of an introduction, now to get started giving you a taste of what' s happening in the jblog  (Jewish blogging) world.  Have a Shabbat Shalom u'Mevorach, a peaceful and blessed Shabbat.

The second longest running Jewish Blog Carnival is the monthly Kosher Cooking Carnival, posted on Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of each Jewish Month.  It includes all different aspects of kosher food.

Esser Agaroth's posts are always worth more than  .  Read his latest Forbidden First Fruits.

By checking out the blogroll on Esser Agaroth, I discovered this charming aliyah blog post, Shabbat in Givat Ze'ev with the Ever Family.  And through this blog I found The Curious Jew, which has some amazing posts, Poetic Justice in the Deaths of Avner and Amassa? and Mother's Day: A Painful Day?  for example.

Another great jblogger and inspiring person is Yocheved.  Read her  Friending Disabilities.

My friend Miriam thinks she was had.   Read why. Did we Waste our Votes?

Another realtime f2f blogging friend is Ruti, who has a great post about shoes, sushi and her latest soldier.  (A lot of IFL players are glad that he's now in a different uniform.)

Everyone copes differently with challenges.  Read Crossing the Yarden
The Key to Mountain Biking…..and Dealing with Cancer and Superman Sam
Many of us have changed our lives and taken very different roads to do so.  Here's how one woman started:   My First Real Shavuot .
Shavuot is more than just cheesecake; isn't it? Shavuot, The Holiday of Jewish Unity
I certainly can't leave out politics here: Lapid's Marie Antionette Style Budget
Since we're "the People of the Book, here's a book review: Lorri M. Book Review: Country of Ash: A Jewish Doctor in Poland 1939-1945
Blogging is something to do in one's "spare time."  A recent HH hostess, Haveil Havelim #405- The Boston Marathon Terror Attack Edition, blogged that her "spare time" has up and left her.  We hope that her life will get simpler soon.
I just realized that most of the jbloggers in this little roundup are female.  Hmmm how could that have happened?  I'll try to balance things here.
And a post from my husband All You Have to Do is Threaten Violence
Let's end this with Dry Bones:


Rickismom said...


Batya said...

...even though I left you out?
Thank you and Shabbat shalom!

rutimizrachi said...

Lovely of you to become Ms. HH all on your own! Kudos for taking charge and making it happen.

Also thank you for posting my favorite comment of the year, albeit on YOUR blog instead of mine. :-D May our boys be safely in their uniforms of play again very soon, more-or-less safely knocking down opponents, rather than enemies. :-)

goyisherebbe said...

Several of your links don't click. Please fix them or tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Marina Shemesh said...

Well done Batya - you have inspired me to go and write a blog post again! :)

Shabbat Shalom!

Batya said...

goyish, must work on it later, sorry
Marina, wonderful thanks
Ruti, thanks, I just wish the IFL allowed tied games.

Yocheved Golani said...

Hmmm... why IS there a disparate number of female/male bloggers? So men interesting men, surely some of them share their thoughts with the world...

YG said...

sigh.., TYPO (tyoist?) Alert: "... So many interesting men..."

Batya said...

YG, it happens to all of us...

YMedad said...

I've noted my inclusion here

Batya said...


Lorri said...

There are a lot of good sounding links, here. Thanks for mine!

Shabbat Shalom!

Batya said...

Lorri, my pleasure

Eitan said...

Heya Batya!

I don't know if you realize it, but I've been following your blog ever since I started blogging (I used to be @ Hear, O Israel--now a Messianic site, I believe and then @ ContinuedInChicago).

I've continued following you whether in the US or home in Israel.

Thx so much for linking up to my article! Much appreciated! I recently published a new site: Please link to it when you get a chance.

Once again, thx so much for the mention and שבוע מצוין!

Batya said...

Eitan, nice to meet you. I hope you're not one of "them."