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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Missionary Alert: Chosen People Ministries targets Israelis for conversion

Posted by Jewishisrael.com

Jewishisrael has just posted a 2-part community alert on Chosen People Ministries

MISSIONARY ALERT: Chosen People Ministries targets Israelis for conversion 
Chosen People Ministries (CPM) is a large, international Christian missionary organization whose stated purpose is to evangelize Jews. CPM has a growing network of missionary centers in Israel and currently runs evangelistic activities in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ariel, Netanya and Sderot. In recent years CPM's missionary teams have been reaching out to very young Jewish children in Israeli orphanages - taking them to messianic venues and attempting to establish long-term relationships with them. more…

Torturing the "suffering servant" with a Christian spin of Isaiah 53
Chosen People Ministries (CPM) has literally painted the town(s) red across North America with their Isaiah 53 missionary blitz. Now with their book, materials and billboards translated into Hebrew and Russian, they are coming to Israel to launch a massive campaign targeting the Jewish people for conversion.  How should Israelis respond to aggressive proselytizing?...more



Batya said...

Thanks so much Ellen. I appreciate your sharing this with my readers.

10rainbow said...

G-d bless isr.
this is so true batya, even from where i am. they feel these are the last days before jc comes, and are working themselves into a frenzy over converting Js. and you see the Pope washing the feet of you know who. looking at the whole picture one sees a volley of spiritual and physical attacks on the People. being an ex xtian, i know how they work. actually they should be correcting the flaws in their own lives and congregation, instead of looking elsewhere. i pray that Hashem will protect all the j people and especially those who have not yet become ver y observant. they are the ones they target. may every gentile wake up to the fact that Hashem Protects His first born, and that isr. is the light to all nations. and looking at the mess on our side of the world,it would do us non jews good to wake up to this sooner than later. blessings.

ellen said...

Thanks for helping us get the word out, Batya.
Israelis need to understand that Chosen People Ministries closely rivals Jews for Jesus in the race to convert Jewish souls (and they want to be #1) and this campaign in Israel is going to be large and sophisticated. It's not just street proselytizing aimed at the weak and vulnerable sectors of society. They have an online campaign planned which will focus on young Israeli professionals.

Batya said...

rainbow, thanks but Ellen posted it. She gets the credit.
ellen, very frightening. Too many Jews think they must be polite and listen. Also few know enough to catch the lies.

Shiloh said...

Education of actual history is what will protect Jews from the apostate teachings of a pharisee named Paul who twisted the teachings of that movement into the Great Lie called Christianity. I suggest reading works like Prof Robert Eisenman, see his video's on Youtube. He is a biblical scholar and Dead Sea Scroll scholar. People from all sides fear the truth of historical writings like the Dead Sea Scrolls, who penned them, what they taught Jews etc. Why are all sides afraid, it shows we are all straying off in one form or another. For example, the rabbinates like Skobac lie about Isaiah 53 and take a pro Rashi stance. Prior to Rashi, that passage was always refered to the messiah, NEVER to Israel. I have confronted Skobac over the years of their outright lies, which most don't know where to look. What is happening in the anti-missionary world is to make 'Jesus' into a kosher Jew but a pharisee (which would by default validate modern normative Judaism). He was not, he was, like his successor James his brother, sadducean (not the same roman appointed sadducee's in the NT). They to cut to the chase where kohanim, they served in the Temple, James was the popular leader of all opposition groups against Roman occupation which was invited in by the pharisee party. They where pro Torah, anti-Pauline and believed that 'Jesus' was the messiah ben Yosef. There is so much rich history covered up and lied about on all sides. You don't want your family believeing in the lies of Pauline christianity, get informed of history, true history, not redacted by Skobac, Boteach etc. They are our for an agenda, they too are in their own way anti-messiah in their direction, which is NOT a reference to 'Jesus' for all those who can't filter through the bs that religion has sold them.

And for the uniformed who will use ad hominem, I know what some Orthodox rabbi's hold, including that of a former Cheif Sephardic rabbi hold and have transmitted orally about the whole subject, so just chill and do research before acting like those in the book of Job.

Anonymous said...

Shiloh always spins everything towards his non Oral Torah thinking. He believes in Torah B'chtav only, which, such thinking is, of course, against Torah itself. As far as wanting to know anything of the avodah zorah of notzriut, it is not our business. The business of the Jew is to teach his children (send them to yeshivah) Torah and mitzvot. The whole story of the avodah zorah might not have even existed. What has happened to the Jewish world that we need to know anything of their avodah zorahs? We need to know the truth only of Torah m'Sinai which are both the Written and Oral Laws.