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Friday, May 3, 2013

No, NO, NO!!! No Giving Away Our Land and No Referendum!!!

I am totally, that's 100% against any referendum about giving away our precious Holy Land.  Giving the Arabs more land shouldn't be an option.  Anyone in favor of a referendum is in favor of giving up Land.  And I'm against giving up Land to anyone, anyone at all.

The latest popular trial balloon many Israeli politicians have tried recently is the "referendum" option.  The government obviously has no principles, no ideals and no concept of who and what we Jewish People really are.  These government officials, the Prime Minister, his coalition, cabinet and too many of the MKs, Knesset Members aren't leaders.  They are followers.  They'll do and say anything to stay in office and increase their power.  But in actuality they aren't using their power in a positive way.  They aren't leading us to make the State of Israel better and stronger.

These politicians have no real Vision. Vision, or חזון Chazone, is best translated as idealism. The ideal/utopia these politicians dream of isn't a Jewish one.  They want to be accepted by the nations of the world, but that isn't what makes the Jewish People/State a light for all nations, the Jewish term they like to bandy about when trying to add some Jewish content to their pronouncements/policies/trial "balloons."

Unfortunately, our politicians and media and academics are willing to do anything to get the world's approval.  Nothing much has changed since this Dry Bones:

Pressuring Israel (1978)
Today's cartoon is 32 years old. I drew it in 1978. The latest news (at the time of this writing) is a trial balloon rumor of what America will "give" us if our Prime minister will bow to their demands.
What is offered (and was offered in 1978) is "continued support" if we will do as we're told! The clear message to the enemies of the West then, and now, is that American support of Israel is conditional. A message which is welcome news to the Arab, Turkish, and Iranian regimes which refuse to accept the UN's 1947 call for a Jewish State in Palestine.

The more we grovel, AKA offer concessions, the more pressure we'll be under.  And the PR campaign to convince the Israeli public, the voters, the citizens to approve giving Arab terrorists our precious Land will be the most professional, scientific, distorted, filled with lies and tricks of any marketing campaign in the history of the world.

Israelis, your ordinary Israeli will think he/she has no choice or we'll be wiped off the map.  And if we G-d forbid do the referendum and then give the Arab terrorists our Land, we will be wiped off the map again.  How long will it then take for us to return? That I don't know, but this Modern State of Israel is built on the history of thousands of years.  For two thousand years, the Land of Israel had a scattering of Jews and no other nation or people ruled here as an independent country.   That's right.  THERE NEVER WAS A "PALAESTINIAN" STATE OR NATION.  The lie that we took over their country/land is an outrageous lie that has taken on the semblance of truth, because people keep on repeating it.

Those who want us destroyed are working hard to sway Israeli public opinion, including our politicians that our only chance for peace is to endanger ourselves and do what no other nation would ever be willing to do. That is to give our Land to the enemy that has sworn to destroy us.


goyisherebbe said...

The only way to respond to veiled threats to cut off aid is "make my day"! All we need is to put our own workers to work to produce our own superior weapons and sell the surplus to pay for the production costs. And then we do what WE WANT with them, no strings attached! Then watch AMERICA grovel, as they have been doing to the whole rest of the Middle East!

Batya said...

goyish, that's the dangers of the American aid. those shopping coupons for American equipment ruin our industry and economy.