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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Could That Really Be Common Sense From Tsippi Livni?

I took a double take when I saw this headline:
Livni: No chance Israel can reach peace deal with Hamas

Is the Moshiach, Messiah  really getting closer?
There is no chance that Israel could reach a peace agreement with Hamas, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said Saturday evening in an interview with Army Radio.
Livni - the minister responsible for peace talks - was referring to remarks made by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday that Fatah-Hamas reconciliation is imperative to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
She added that Erdogan views Hamas positively, and this has been his stance for years. "This perception is not correct" she said. "Hamas represents an Islamic ideology that does not recognize Israel's existence. Hamas prefers to isolate itself than to say that Israel has the right to exist or to renounce violence."
This is the woman who rationalized her joining the coalition by saying that she'd only do it to "make peace."  Many Israelis, including me, are petrified that she'll make some horribly dangerous faux peace  agreement with the Arabs.  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has put her in charge of negotiations with the Arabs who want us destroyed. The PA's Abbas is no better than Hamas according to various articles on the Palestine Media Watch site.

Abbas admits sending terrorists to kill Israelis "I demand [the release of] prisoners because they are human beings, who did what we, we, ordered them to do. We, the Authority. They should not be punished while we sit at one table negotiating. This is war. One (Israel) ordered a soldier to kill, and I ordered my son, brother, or others, to carry out the duty of resistance (euphemism for terror). This person killed and the other person killed. So why say this person's hands are stained with blood, and [he] must be kept in prison?"

Nothing Abbas has done and said since proves that he has changed since he made that statement.

Will Livni look at the entire picture and realize that she's barking up the wrong tree? 

Negotiations won't bring us peace.  We'll only have peace when the Arabs want peace with us and not want to destroy and murder us.

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