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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Can Tsippi Livni Be Serious?

Even for our hapless Justice Minister Tsippi's latest had me wondering...
Livni: Security being used as an excuse not to pursue peace


And what is this elusive peace supposed to achieve?  I ask, as if she's listening.

Justice minister says US can provide assurances that 2-state solution won't harm security.

I guess Livni doesn't see the importance of sovereignty either. 
Justice Minister Tzipi Livni laid out her case for resuming negotiations with the Palestinians on Tuesday, claiming that some in Israel were using security as an excuse not to engage in a peace process.
"In the Middle East, the choice is between bad options, but doing nothing is more damaging," Livni stated at an Israel Project conference.
I may not be as good at getting elite jobs as Livni, but I really think that the worst option for us would be to give up our independence and sovereignty.
She said, in addition, that "the US can provide assurances that the two-state solution won't harm security."

Relying on another country to protect us is giving up on all we have been fighting and struggling for since the beginning of Zionism.

And if you think there's nothing to worry about...
The Justice Minister said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu fully supports her efforts to relaunch peace talks based on a two-state solution and Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett, who has spoken out recently about the dangers concessions pose to Israel's security ,"has said he can live with talks."

Don't forget that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave her a blank check to her to bring her party into the government. She got the "first-to-sign bonus."  That's good for the Left and bad for the future of the State of Israel.


Serach Yael Ben Lev said...

"The US can provide security" yes that's right, just ask Egyptian Mubarak and all of the people from the other countries that the US is keeping secure.

Batya said...

Serach, good point. Thanks

calev dan said...

"Can Tsipi Livni Be Serious?"
As the american saying has it:
Hang her high!
An don't forsake the rest of the left scum.

Batya said...

If only it was so easy...