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Friday, May 24, 2013

Caroline Glick's "Thank you Hafez al-Assad" and Latma's "Muhammad aDura lives and other PR victories"

We'll try with Latma's Tribal Update:
This week on the Tribal Update, the weekly satirical newscast produced by Latma, the Hebrew-language satirical media criticism I produce, we bring you an interview with Israel's PR guru do discuss the government's decision to leap into action and defend Israel from France2's libelous report which claimed that IDF forces killed a Palestinian boy named Muhammad a-Dura in...2000.
We also bring you and interview with Prime Minister Netanyahu and his talented attorney discusses the Prime Minister's expense account. And much, much more..

Latma was established by Caroline Glick and shows the Right way to see things that happen in Israel and the world.  It's also fantastic political satire, well produced, directed and the acting is top notch.
Latma is funded by donations from private individuals who believe that the voice of Zionism must be heard, loud and clear, in Israel and throughout the world. We need your help in order to stay open and continue sounding our voices.

If you are in the United States, Latma is funded by donations to the David Horowitz Freedom Center's Israel Security Project which I direct. If you would like to contribute to our work, which is funded entirely by viewer contributions, please go to this link.

For donations outside the US, here is a link to the donations page for our Israeli non-profit, the Zionist Incubator. You can make credit card donations to Latma by contributing to our non-profit.
I heard Glick speak this week at the Memorial for Manny Winston.  She voiced optimism and reminded us that the Israeli economy is much better than the American or European ones.  And of course it would have been much better if we hadn't cancelled the Lavi project.

This week's Jerusalem Post article is about Hafez al-Assad and is a must-read.  Here's a taste:
Syria is a mess because there are no good guys in a position to win. Syrian President Bashar Assad is one of the most dangerous leaders in the world. He is a major supporter of terrorist groups. He enabled al-Qaida and Hezbollah to use Syria as a logistical base in their war against US forces in Iraq. He is a vassal of Iran. He is allied with Hezbollah. He is a mass murderer.
Since the civil war began two years ago, Assad's complete dependence on Iran and Hezbollah - as well as on Russia - has been exposed for all to see. There is little doubt that whatever checks the US was able to exert against him before the civil war began no longer exist. And if he survives in power, he will be completely indifferent to US pressure and so will behave far more violently than he did before the war began.
And yet for all Assad's horrific behavior and the reasonable presumption that his actions will only become more violent and dangerous with each additional day he remains in power, the most telling aspect of the Syrian civil war is that Israel, the US and Europe are incapable of deciding whether he is better or worse than the alternatives.

Shabbat Shalom


ellen said...

I have mixed feelings about the release of the Kupperwasser report on Al Dura. It could backfire because few people in the Israeli government and media can properly communicate the enormity of the full picture and all of its implications.

History professor Richard Landes is the exception. He truly "gets it" and he coined the term "Pallywood" years ago. He thoroughly investigated the al Dura case and testified in French courts.

I had the honor and pleasure of working with with Professor Landes for several months as his research assistant during the production of his documentary on the Al Dura Affair, "Icon of Hatred"
For those who want to understand, I think it's well worth viewing at

Batya said...

Ellen, I appreciate your comments, especially since you know so much about these things.