Sunday, January 6, 2008

Young Heroines

Yes, the girls are still in jail, and they are still refusing to identify themselves and cooperate with the courts. They are being held as if they are enemies. All they are are young idealists, dissidents of a cruel regime.

Generally Jews protest all sorts of cases like this. If they were African teens, for sure the American Jewish community would be up in arms demonstrating to free them. But these are Jewish girls, girls who live according to G-d's laws. So the world is ignoring them. The Jewish do-gooders are ignoring them.


Anonymous said...

On one hand, the Jewish world simply does not know about it.

On the other hand, they are virtually unaware about what is really happening in Israel and the internal struggle that is occuring between relgious/right and oligarchs. Frankly, I was clueless as well until I had the 'luck' to be exposed to Hazofe less than a decade ago, which then led me to A7 website (I couldn't stand the radio) and eventually I stopped reading yediot/maariv which finally freed me and my wife to independant thinking, b"h.

If someone's watching CNN, ABC, and reading their local paper with reports from Reuters and whatever, they will never know what is going on here.

therapydoc said...

Josh is right. I had no idea. All I'm hearing about is Bush and that there will be advertizements on buses to free Jonathan Pollard.

Which I heard, of course, from my yeshiva bocher son, not ABC or CBS, ets.

benning said...

Nobody in the USA has heard of this, Ma'am. All we ever hear is how Olmert is trying to fashion a Peace accord with the Palestinians, etc.

Israelis don't realize how the Left has near total control of the MSM in the US. The word is not getting to us.

Batya said...

josh, doc, benning,
That's why I gave up on my dream of being a "real" writer and get paid. None of the big mainstream media is interested in the truth.

So here I am, my own boss and editor in chief, blogging away. Over the years my articles appear in other places.

So, hint! hint! please spread the news of what's really happening!