Monday, January 14, 2008

We Shouldn't Be Surprised

Israeli thought police may be focusing on us bloggers, according to the article that Carl cited. We really shouldn't be very surprised. Remember, that this is the same government which has jailed young, barely into their teens, girls for their loyalty to our ancient Homeland.

The Israeli riot police who brutally attacked the passive demonstrators in Amona were ordered to use "use their clubs whenever necessary" by their officers.

I'll never forget how my students, terribly embarrassed, told me how they were beaten and that they saw their rabbis grabbed by the police and thrown out of the windows, head-first.

It really galls the Leftist Israeli establishment, politicians, academics, media, judicial, etc. that their youth has dreams of making money and leaving the country. Jealously is the prime mover, motivation in all of their anti-democratic and totalitarian actions.

A few years ago, they began to notice that the elite units in the army and the young officers were primarily from "national religious" backgrounds. At first they didn't care, because it was obvious that a disproportionate amount of soldiers killed in Lebanon were from religious families, meaning that their sons were safer. But then they heard their sons and grandsons calling front-line soldiers "fri'erim," suckers, and they were presented with expensive bills from psychiatrists for army deferments. It began to look like an epidemic, rather than a rare, embarrassing occurrence.

If Dosh was to draw your typical Israeli "new Jew" farmer today, there would be a beard on his face and tzitziot flying out from under his shirt.
A hundred years ago and fifty years ago all of the "great modern Jewish thinkers" predicted, without any doubt whatsoever, that Jewish ritual, strict observance of Jewish Law, was outdated and would end. The truth is the opposite. Most of their descendants, if they have any, aren't Jews, and Torah-observant communities all over the world are growing.
People like me may be "locked out" of the mainstream media, but blogging has given me the opportunity to run my own "news magazine." That's what I think of my blogs. They are the modern, high tech samizdat.
If the Israeli Government goes after me for my opinions, then I'll take it as a vote of confidence that I'm telling the truth.

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Daniel said...

You shouldn't be suprised, in fact you should be suprised that they haven't done it sooner.
Whether you call them "new Jews" ,dibs, "i'm not Jewish I' israeli", mensheviks, or pre-yordim, they were never boyscouts or righteous Jews.
These were the people that murdered DeHaan, ignored the Holocaust , cut the yemenite payot, killed in tha Altalena affair etc.
They never wanted a Jewish state but a socialist dib state and are still under the illusion that by giving toilets to the arabs, the arabs will become loyal Israelis of the Mohammedan persuasion.
And while the "old Jewish " culture was very over represented in the high culture of Europe and America, all they have to be proud of is a "hip-hop violinist and a transsexual singer"

Anonymous said...

Is it necessary to insult the entire secular majority of Israel because of the actions of the corrupt elite in government. Moreover, many who have left Israel have done so out of their own character weaknesses (e.g. financial difficulties, war/terror trauma), not out of a negative feelings for the state.

Those living on the front lines in Israel are supporting and defending the entire worldwide Jewish community (even those elements of the community that do not recognize this).

Why not be content with that heavenly mission?

Batya said...

interesting little conversation here

Just a question. What "heavenly mission?"

Daniel said...

In my youth people said to me hat Israelis din't have to act Jewish because thelived in Israel and that was enough. What bunk!!!!!
One million Israelis have realized that there is no point living like goyim in Israel. You can do it just as well in France, canada or the US -with an authentic culture.
Their heavenly mission is as heavenly as King Ahab's of ancient Israel and like then acting like (or lower) than the goyim was a fast track to disappearance.
The Jews of Vilna etal lived a far more heavenly mission than the prevailing culture of Israel. Of course those like Batya have achieved the best of both worlds, but are as hated (if not more) by the dibs than the goyim hated the Jews of Vilna,

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that this whole era is a test to the observant Jewish community in Israel, to see if they've learned anything from the destruction of the second temple, which we bemoan year after year and in almost all our prayers and happiness.

There are some people, even among the Jewish people, who deserve our scorn because they actively and knowingly endanger the Jewish people for their own personal benefit. The majority of sheep who follow these semi-charismatic leaders do NOT deserve our hatred.

The religious Zionist community in Israel could not stop disengagement (or the other impending dangers to the Jewish people) because it did not find a path to its bretheren.

Broadly stereotyping, it neglected the connections that had developed in the 60's and 70's, as the state was brought to the precipice of destruction, and focused almost entirely inwards. The remaining secular population was left on its own, discounted as beyond hope or not worth the effort.

It's never too late to build back the bridges, but, as in halacha, the repair will come according to the damage - we must start within the observant community.

Anonymous said...

"Their heavenly mission is as heavenly as King Ahab's of ancient Israel"

Interesting choice of metaphor, according to the midrash Eliyahu Hanavi would run before Achav's chariot. Apparently those secular people who built the state for you are not totally beyond redemption.

Batya said...

daniel, is it hate or fear?

a and a, are you the same? I find your points extremely interesting. The truth is that things are far from perfet. Of course, some better and some worse.

If we were living correctly and relating to all Jews the way we should, we wouldn't be in danger.