Thursday, July 7, 2005

Think about it..

A relative, who lives in a comfortable American suburb, told us about a family conversation about Disengagement.

One said: "It's like being told that since you're a Jew, you can't live in that building."

Then her grown daughter corrected it: "It's being told that since you're a Jew we're taking away your home."


Just like how the Nazis took people out of their homes and herded them into the crowded ghettos.

No difference.

Think about it!


Esther said...

It's heartbreaking. And yes, people need to keep being told about it in a different context until they can get it.

Batya said...

How can the same Jews who have demonstrated for the civil rights of every other race and nationality condemn Jews to such nazi-like, yes, just like the Nazis did, destruction?