Thursday, July 7, 2005


I thought that the American take-over of Iraq was supposed to make it a safer place. Maybe they should ask the Egyptian Ambassador, if they can find him. He was kidnapped. And that's not the only danger and violence there. Democratic elections aren't like the polio vaccine. It's more like having a nose job and then expecting your kids to have your new nose.

There's an inherent violence and cruelty in the Arab psyche. It may not be "pc" to say such a thing, but "uvdah" as they say in Hebrew, facts speak for themselves.

And things aren't so safe in London either. BOMBINGS! Yes, I'm glad I'm not there.

And Israel is self-mutilating. It must stop. The people patting Sharon on the back, telling him what a hero he is, are the same ones who are insisting that it's good that America and its allies conquered Iraq. They "pooh-pooh" the violence, because it doesn't fit their plans.

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