Wednesday, July 13, 2005

#131 Totalitarian Dictatorship

I will be in the NY area the second half of July and will be available to speak to groups and the media. Then, G-d willing, I’ll be accompanying the August 2nd Nefesh B'Nefesh flight home.

Musings #131
July 13, 2005
The 6th of Tammuz

Totalitarian Dictatorship

Israel has become a totalitarian dictatorship. Yes, the prime minister was put into office via democratic elections, and all sorts of decisions, fatal decisions were by democratic majorities, but the elected politicians are behaving as dictators.

Following are quotations from
A political doctrine advocating the principle of absolute rule
The party leadership maintains monopoly control over the governmental system, which includes the police, military, communications, and economic and education systems. Dissent is systematically suppressed and people terrorized by a secret police. Autocracies through the ages have attempted to exercise control over the lives of their subjects, by whatever means were available to them, including the use of secret police and military force. However, only with modern technology have governments acquired the means to control society; therefore, totalitarianism is, historically, a recent phenomenon.
In addition, constitutional democracy and totalitarianism, as forms of the modern state, share many characteristics. In both, those in authority have a monopoly on the use of the nation's military power and on certain forms of mass communication; and the suppression of dissent, especially during times of crisis, often occurs in democracies as well.

Israel is a country under siege, and terrorism on the increase. While terrorists murder innocent civilians, our police and military are busy blocking access to Gush Katif. The people being prevented from entering are not possible terrorists. The government is too busy to concern itself with the safety of ordinary law-abiding residents. It is determined, by hook or by crook to destroy, demoralize and deport hard-working people from their homes and businesses.

Soldiers and police with consciences, morals are jailed and even government ministers have been fired. While the United States and Europe are doing what they can to destroy their local terrorists, Israel is making them a state and increasing their stature. And even worse, Israel is making it easier for terrorists to reach targets in Israel.

Take a good look at a map of Israel. The lovely city of Ashkelon will be bordering terrorist Gaza. Gush Katif has been protecting southern Israel. Get a map that shows where the so-called “Security Fence” is being built. Is such a country defensible?

In order to galvanize public opinion against the anti-Disengagement crowd, the Shabak faked a bomb scare in the Jerusalem Central Bus Station.

Sorry that this is short, and I won’t be by a computer for a few days.

May the Moshiach come quickly.

Batya Medad, Shiloh
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