Thursday, July 7, 2005

Terror in London!!!

Unclear and mixed reports coming out of London about the well-coordinated explosions, yes in the plural. has two conflicting articles. One says that there was warning, and the other says that there wasn't.

An Arab-Moslem terrorist group has taken credit for it.

When will the world realize that the root of the terror is what they call "Palestinians," the terrorists they are coddling. World terror will just increase more and more unless the terrorists here in the Holy Land are destroyed. Instead they are supporting the destruction of Israel.


Esther said...

You speak the truth eloquently. I wish more would listen.

Batya said...

We all must speak out.

Marcel said...

The world got used to hearing about Jews on buses and in cafes in Israel getting blown to pieces and their concern lasted less than a day. Their chosen victims have always been the terrorist driven Palestinians and they have been feted with all the pity and adoration and attention.
How ironic it would be if it was learned that a number of Palestinians were behind the killing of so many Londoners.

Batya said...

I really don't think it's a matter of the world being "used to" Jews/Israeli being killed. It's more that they don't care.