Friday, July 1, 2005

The Making of a President

Yesterday I found myself watching some of President Bush II making some sort of major speech.

When I was a kid Ike was president. He was a big former general credited with the Ally victory in Europe during WWII. We also learned about Pres. Lincoln and Washington. It always seemed that to be the US President, you had to have earned it, done something really special.

I kept looking at Bush as he stumbled through his speech, written by a well-chosen pack of experts. Who's this guy in his second term of office? What did he do to deserve such high office? How is he qualified to be "leader of the free world?"

He's a rich kid with a powerful father, who helped drag him out of an extended adolescence and too many bottles of beer, or whatever his favorite drink was. If his father had controlled a chain of fastfood shops, he'd be in charge of the burgers in three states today. But his father's a rich oil man and former president, so the family business is in Washington DC, and Young Bush inherited the White House.


yaak said...

This sounds a lot like how Ahashverosh was a stable-boy.

Esther said...

Um....yeah...that about covers it. But he handled 9/11 on his watch and didn't blame the US for it. For that he gets a few points.