Friday, July 8, 2005

Nadia's right and more

Yes, I totally agree with Nadia Matar's opinion about the letter sent to residents in Gush Katif and Northern Shomron. Being forcefully evicted from one's home to be sent to ghettos and refugee camps is similar to what the Nazis did to the Jews. And even if her opinion can't be backed up, it's still her opinion, and she's entitled to express it. She's not beating, shooting, knifing, inciting etc. That's right it's not incitement.

It may be unpleasant for some to hear, but it's more unpleasant for a loyal, patriotic, law-abiding family to be forced out of their home for no reason at all. Sorry, there is a reason. The reson is simply because they are Jews. And that' immoral.

Israel is continuing with the "Cultural Revolution" done in the early Zionist days, when the Zionists cooperated with the British in choosing who would get certificates,and they gave them more easily to non-religious. Then when there was a state, they took religious kids especially from North African countries and sent them to non-religious schools, and they kidnapped the Yemenite children and gave them to Ashkenaz families.

And now they are trying to destroy the most patriotic segment of the population by taking away their homes, business, schools and communities, and giving our Holy Land to the terrorists.

What's DISENGAGEMENT? It's what has happened to a large portion of Israeli society, not the majority, but a majority of the media and politicians. They are DISENGAGED from their history, culture, religion, Land.


Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov, and I had better return to the kitchen!


Marcel said...

It is not permitted to remind the Jewish people of the new and improved final solution plan for them under the lie of peace.
They must not be warned ahead of time as their awakening might hinder the planned dismemberment destruction of Israel under the Bush Road Map.
Anyone who compares or mentions what is happening now with the previous holocaust will be targeted by the Israeli thought police.Anyone notice how the hate filled and murderous Palestinian terrorists are the real winners in this final solution Road Map and how the average Jew is too neutered to speak out against it ?
Who says terrorism dosn't pay ?
Another $3 billion for their eradication of Israel program from Blair Bush & G8 while Israel's leaders lead her citizens into the bullseye target sites of the enemy. It's treason

Esther said...

Well said, Batya. Well said!

Batya said...

thanks, Esther,

Marcel, good points.