Monday, July 4, 2005


Of course this is written in orange. You can see orange all over Israel.

Decades ago orange was the Jaffa orange, Israel's great export crop. Funny, I don't think that I ate one at all last winter.

Today the color represents Gush Katif.

Now we're all decorated in orange, even if it's just a rubber bracelet, or an orange ribbon tied to a bag. Many stores have them tied to the window displays. Car owners have them tied on antennas and windows, along with orange Gush Katif flags. Orange ribbons fly along bicycle handlebars and baby carriages.

Orange clothes are all the rage. Shirts, skirts, hats and more.

Hats are trimmed with orange bands, ribbons and scarves.

Orange is a strong color combining red and yellow, heat and fire, flames.

May the orange bring us victory, or if we fail...G-d forbid.

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