Wednesday, July 20, 2005

musings away #4 ?

It has been so long since I've written. Now I"m in the GN library, and yahoo is blocked.

Broadway's Orange!

Yesterday a ribbon of orange was on Broadway. There was an anti-Disengagement rally from 30 something to 40 something streets. At the same time in Israel, tens of thousands of Jews were massed on the southern border trying to get to Gush Katif.

I was on Broadway, one of the speakers at the demonstration, cheered by the cheers as I talked of world terrorism that must be destroyed by destroying the terrorism in Israel, and especially cheered when I said that the politicians without the strength to fight must resign and let true patriots bring our courntry to true peace.

Especially I asked the soldiers and police not to be like the Germans. "Don't follow orders" I beseeched. And I reminded all that "Nachshon didn't drown and Yitzchak wasn't sacrificed!"

And all of us must do something anything. Our people, not just our country, are at a crucial, critical crossroad. We must do everything in our power to prevent disengagement.

My neighbor wrote that her husband and grandchildren are demonstrating together trying to get to Gush Katif. What a wonderful family. Many clans of three generations, maybe more, are standing together, fearless, knowing that we have ONE RULER, and his name is not Ariel Sharon. Our one ruler is G-d and G-d is the one the only one, and we must only obey G-d.

And I pray that the police and soldiers will remember who gives them life, and they should, they must obey G-d's will, and then...

...we will, B'ezrat Hashem, be saved!

Batya in Golus
July 20, 2005
the 13th of Tammuz

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