Thursday, March 14, 2019

Gantz Desperately Continues Bibi Bashing

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To make it clear, I'm not voting Likud, but...

Benny Gantz is certainly proving that he's not leadership material. He sounds like an immature desperate teenage bully. He has nothing to offer the State of Israel other than empty inaccurate slogans, lies, jealousy and hatred.
Benny Gantz slams Netanyahu: Meir Kahane would be proud
Gantz said he and the other leaders of Blue and White were the true successors of Menachem Begin, as well as former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.
Menachem Begin, the epitome of honor and old-fashioned niceties, would be horrified at Gantz's claims.

Gantz is continuing to prove the bankruptcy of his Blue and White "party platform." Israeli voters may be looking for new leadership, but they're quickly discovering that Benny Gantz doesn't fit the bill. Blue and White is top heavy with IDF generals, but politics isn't the same as the IDF, and too many voters are angry with those generals for a variety of reasons.

Remember that the Israeli political/election system requires that a party leader succeed in negotiating a working coalition to become Prime Minister. I'll repeat here that "politics isn't the same as the IDF." Whatever may have worked for Gantz and his fellow Blue and White retired generals in the past will probably backfire in coalition negotiations.

Even if Bibi Netanyahu has to bow out because of the indictment, there are highly qualified and experienced Likud politicians who can take the helm. Just like American Football has been compared to chess, so is coalition politics, and that means that successful coalition politics is like American Football. In football, the quarterback gets tactical instructions from the head coach, and if the QB can't play, there must be players to replace him, and then the other positions must reshuffle to win.

In this year's Super Bowl and the Israel Bowl*, the teams with the stronger defense won. 

Odds are that Likud will form the next government, whether Bibi Netanyahu is Prime Minister or Yuli Edelstein, who is #2 on the list.

That's why I'm voting New Right in the upcoming Israeli elections 2019. The Israeli Government needs a strong intelligent defense in it. An offensive offense is bad news for the team.

*Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions won its third consecutive championship by surprising their opponents with some crucial position changes.


Anonymous said...

The United Right is the only true right.

Batya said...

Not really.

Anonymous said...

Why should I vote for Benet-Shaked instead of harav Peretz??...

Batya said...

Bennett and Shaked know what they're doing as political leaders; they're experienced and reliable. NRP mafia has to keep bringing in newbies. The new combined party rav Peretz is supposed to head of will probably break up soon after elections, each faction going its own way.