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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Why Can Ofer Cassif Teach in Hebrew U, But Not Be an MK?

It's no secret that most Israeli universities, as are many others in the world, are very Leftist. The influence of Leftist professors and History/Political Science departments world over is self-perpetuating and getting stronger. Students who disagree get lower grades and aren't considered for higher positions. MK wannabe, Hadash Party member Ofer Cassif is a professor in Hebrew University Political Science Department.

Obviously Ofer Cassif has influence and control over students and even staff. If he wasn't skilled at influencing people he wouldn't be on Balad Party list. The Central Elections Committee has, davka, banned Ofer Cassif from running in the upcoming Knesset Elections.

As far as I'm concerned, if Cassif isn't suitable to be in the Knesset, he shouldn't be teaching in Hebrew U!


Mr. Cohen said...

Many people have complimented me for my knowledge
of many different things, but even with all my
impressive knowledge, I do not know how the political
Far-Left gained almost-complete control over:
the entire mainstream news media, the entire academic
world, the Hollywood entertainment industry, and much more.

Also, even with all my knowledge, I do not
know how this situation can be changed.

If someone can explain how the Far-Left gained
so much control over so many different things,
or explain how this situation can be changed,
then I would be happy to listen.


Vilna Gaon, Biur HaGra commentary
on Mishlei, chapter 11, verse 25:

“Whoever feeds other people [especially the poor]
will receive a blessing that causes him to feel
satisfied with his food, in addition to wealth.”


Vilna Gaon, Biur HaGra commentary
on Mishlei, chapter 11, verse 27:

Whoever runs after opportunities to benefit people,
is like a person who seeks favor from Him [G_D],
and through this, a good blessing will come on him.


Refuting the Fans of Vashti:


Batya said...

International conspiracy. Clever Leftist/Socialists a century ago realized that the key to take over the world was via universities and media/journalism.