Saturday, October 13, 2018

Trump Should Trash His "Peace Plan"

I know that US President Donald Trump hasn't yet announced what his team has come up with for a "Mid East Peace Plan," but he should just stop the whole thinking/planning process. It's not going to work. It doesn't matter how smart, clever or creative he thinks his son-in-law Jared Kushner is. No "Plan" will bring peace here.

You can't impose a "peace plan" on terrorists and their victims. Terrorism just doesn't stop so easily. The Arab terrorists have been, still are teaching their children that murdering Israelis is good. First that whole ideology must stop. And it will take a long time.

The PA-Palestinian Authority pays a pension to convicted/successful terrorists and their families. Mahmoud Abbas is no peace partner.

Besides the terrorism, there's the growing movement all over the world supporting the Arab terrorists and delegitimizing the State of Israel. It doesn't matter what Israel does, they want us gone.

The more Israel agrees to give, the more the Arabs will demand. That's because their idea of peace, their "final solution" is the destruction, Gd Forbid, of the State of Israel.

I suggest that Trump use his talented team to make peace in the United States. It seems close to a civil war right now. America needs them more than we do.

Peace will evolve Gd willing without deals and plans.


Mr. Cohen said...

500 American Indian nations gave away their land in exchange for peace.

THE RESULT: 500 American Indian nations have vanished.

Great Britain gave Adolph Hitler land (Austria) in exchange for peace.

THE RESULT: World War Two (WWII) and the Holocaust.

The PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization)
was founded in year 1964, 3 years BEFORE
Israel gained the West Bank and Gaza.

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Batya said...

They lost their rights and land.