Sunday, October 7, 2018

American Left Causing Its Own Problems

This isn't the United States I knew.

This isn't the United States where I was educated.

This isn't the United States where I was taught the basic principles of democracy. 
Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.
In recent years something very frightening has happened in the United States. The Left has recovered from McCarthyism, the heat of the Cold War, when they had been under attack, losing jobs, jailed. Now they are fighting basic American values, and many ordinary Americans are scared. They insist that they own morality. They don't accept that there are other opinions.

That's why Donald Trump was elected. Ordinary Americans couldn't trust the politicians, not just the Leftist Democrats. They couldn't relate to the Republican politicians either. So, in the primaries they chose the outsider, the one who said what they were thinking. They chose the man whom the establishment hated. They elected Donald Trump, the most unlikely POTUS ever.

The Left's reaction to Trump's election went against all precedent. The American Left rioted and screamed and schemed and threatened. They haven't been behaving as law-abiding, liberal democratic citizens.

I'm glad that I don't live in the United States of America. Considering what's going on in American universities, things will only get worse.

"Greatest. Video. Ever" isn't my comment. I can't clean it from the video.


Mr. Cohen said...

“The longer I spent on the Left, the less that I actually cared about objective truth.

Instead, subjective narratives became the only thing I really cared about.”

SOURCE: Leaving the Left - My Red Pill Story
by Dissent Report, 2017 June 29, video time = 1:42

How the Left is legitimizing anti-Semitism:

Ghosts of the past? by Fiamma Nirenstein

Mr. Patrick Condell pointed out that:

Liberals impugn our motives with their own nasty assumptions.

SOURCE: Hello Angry Losers (a YouTube video) 2017 March 31

The Heterodox Academy was founded because the Left
does not permit conservatives to speak on college campuses:

42% of French Muslims between from age 18 to 29 believe
that suicide bombings against civilians can be justified.

35% of British Muslims between from age 18 to 29 believe
that suicide bombings against civilians can be justified.

26% of American Muslims between from age 18 to 29
believe that suicide bombings against civilians can be justified.

SOURCE: By the Numbers, a YouTube video
by Raheel Raza, 2015 December 10

Batya said...

Never heard of the "red pill moment."


At the risk of shameless self-promotion... the latest of my own "Red Pill" journey (as a capital-C Conservative American Jew):

And about American Jews and Democrats, the latest (but not last) of a series:

lgstarr said...

Just in case you never saw the movie (The Matrix):

"Trinity takes Neo to Morpheus. Morpheus explains that he's been searching for Neo his entire life and asks if Neo feels like "Alice in Wonderland, falling down the rabbit hole." He explains to Neo that they exist in the Matrix, a false reality that has been constructed for humans to hide the truth. The truth is that everyone in the world is a slave, born into bondage. Morpheus holds out two pills. In his left palm is a blue pill. If Neo takes it he will wake up in his bed and "believe whatever you want to believe." But if he takes the red pill in Morpheus's right hand, then "you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." Neo takes the red pill."

Batya said...

NITZAKHON, I will have to look at it, thanks.

lgstarr, no idea what you're talking about.