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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Security Inspection

As we were entering Jerudalem by bus, the guards were seen to have asked the driver and passenger for identification. With the identification still held by the guard, we could see them pull over. Then we were waved in.


Mr. Cohen said...

If their advice had been followed,
then there would be much less need
for Security Inspections in Israel
in year 2018.

Even more importantly, if their advice
had been followed, then Ari Fuld (AH HYD)
and the victims of the Sbarro’s Pizza
store bombing and hundreds of others
Jews would still be alive today, because
the Arab terrorists who murdered them
would never have been able to get
near-enough to kill them.

If their advice had been followed,
then in the year 2018, Israel would not
be expected by the entire world
to make suicidal land-giveaways,
to create the world’s 23rd Arab state.

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Batya Medad said...

Who are those referred to as "their?"

Mr. Cohen said...

THEY = people who wanted to expel all
Arabs from Israel in the early 1980s.