Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Why is The Secular Left so Obsessed with Converting Us?

I don't feel threatened by the secular Left, so why do they feel so threatened by us on the Right?

Lihavdil, it reminds me of the christian proselytizing of "unbelievers." In contrast, if someone wants to convert to Judaism he/she must literally beg and do one's best to convince the rabbis to take him/her on as a potential Jew.

IMHO the secular Left suffers from an insecurity, since their religion/ideology keeps changing with the seasons. And they never know who's going to ask too many questions and end up taking on traditional Judaism and/or Right views.

What is known today as BT- Ba'ale Teshuva, "masters of return," began in the 1960's a generation or two after it had looked like most Jews had jumped ship in their enthusiasm to assimilate into secular and non-Jewish society. 

I'll never forget the shock and dismay when I began taking on Torah Jewish aka Orthodox practices/mitzvot. My parents had been certain that they had saved us from the restrictions and difficulties that strictly observing Judaism would cause us.  They were also on the political Left; I remember their disappointment when Eisenhower defeated Stevenson in the 1956 USA Presidential Elections. They'd be horrified to discover that I'm on the Right also politically.

Ironically, the "wild" 1960's in its search for truth, simplicity and the intolerance of hypocrisy facilitated my increased connection to Judaism in every way. I couldn't abide being a part time or just Jew "in name" living outside of the Holyland.

I can tell my story, but I can't imagine trying to brainwash or convince anyone to live how I do. It is something one must reach on one's own. You must be ripe for it, like the difference between a ripe fruit and one that isn't edible.

Gd willing all Jews will find themselves ready to lead full Jewish lives in the Land of Israel.


Anonymous said...

Every Jew has a hidden spark of G-Dliness. Because of the exile of 2000 years and the last couple of hundred years of 'freedom' has been a trap (because of human nature) which caused assimilation in our people, the lure of being like the other nations and their cultures; but there's a subconscious guilt feeling in these secularized Jews because of that pintele Yid within and the way they can make themselves feel better is talk themselves and their fellow religious Jews into seeing and appreciating the 'modern' world. But, if they can be shown the truth by wonderful kiruv workers, their pintele Yid eventually awakens. May they all return.

Mr. Cohen said...

Since our topic-for-today is the political Left:

Since the Reform Jews closely ally themselves
with anti-Israel entities like:
the J Street organization, the New Israel Fund,
the anti-Israel boycott movement (BDS),
and the anti-Israel political Far-Left,
it is appropriate to read [and publicize]
these short blog articles that expose
the truth about the Reform Judaism movement:

Rambam vs. Reform Judaism:

How a Reform Rabbi Became Orthodox (true story):

Reform Judaism vs. Real Judaism:

Sephardic Jews REJECT Reform Judaism:




How Reform Jews CHEATED on the Pew survey:

Last but not least, the Reform Jews
strongly opposed efforts to save
European Jews from the Holocaust
during World War II.

Those rescue efforts were led by
Orthodox Jews, who the Reform Jews
considered to be behind-the-times
and obsolete and an embarrassment.

The Reform Jews got what they wanted:
the rescue efforts failed.

But one Holocaust is not enough
to satisfy the Reform Jews.

They want to cause a second Holocaust,
by creating a Palestinian State
-- with Jerusalem as its capital.

Reform Jews also want to convert
young Israelis to their beliefs,
which will certainly increase
the number of young Israelis
who intermarry with Arabs.

And they are spending millions of
dollars each year to accomplish this.

The Iron Dome is not enough
to defend Israel; we must also
fight back against the Reform Jews.

Batya said...

A, all I can think of is that they fear the power of that spark.

Shiloh said...

This is because you believe that pharisaic/rabbinical Judaism is the path that God has given us. According to the Tanach and prophets it is not. Just because the victors rewrote history, that does not mean it's true. Just as Roman Gentile Xtianity that we know today has zero to do with the actual messianic movement from 2000 years ago that the rabbi's helped destroy. Just as Islam has built a lie based off the Jewish tradition does not make it true either. Just as the coming messiah will be the one we never wanted does not negate that fact that it will happen. Religion has divided humanity from the beginning and has kept our nation divided without a doubt. By the way, what's ironic is that Reform Judaism is rooted in Pharisaical/Rabbinical Judaism, why would one expect good results when the "source" is corrupted? But since when did we listen to the prophets in the Tanach?

Anonymous said...

When will Shilo get it in his head that once the Prophets were gone, it was the great minds of our great Sages who did have Ruach HaKodesh (the holy Spirit) which took the place of the Prophets! If you are a Jew(?) then you must be a Karaite, whose interpretation of Torah makes no sense at all!

Batya said...

a, good question...