Sunday, December 3, 2017

What's New in The Blogging World

OK, maybe I should really title this "What's New in The Jewish/Israeli Blogging World"

Periodically I like to post a roundup of blog posts from all over the Jewish/Israeli blog world, and today's the day. If you'd like to recommend more blogs that fit the bill, then please comment with the links. And as usual, I'll be listing blog post titles, which I hope will whet your appetite to read them. Comment and share, of course. The order isn't a ranking, just arbitrary.

Enjoy! Please remember that the material and opinion in the posts written by others are not mine. I don't take responsibility for their mistakes or what they've written. Please let them know what you think, thanks.

Thanks on Thanksgiving – Shabbat Shalom
The Arabs Rejected UN Partition Proposal. Who Else?
Hotovely’s comments about American Jews
Fun Evening of 60s Music in Jerusalem
Choosing a Grandmother Tongue
Rav Kook and the Artists of Jaffa (Derashah Vayishlach, 5778)
Sarah Aaronsohn - the 100 year-old heroine of Zichron Yaakov
Only in Jerusalem: Talking Torah on The Tracks
Sigd: Hearts Facing Jerusalem
Can-do Emotional Strength Lessons: The Lesson Plan
They probably didn't even apologize for spreading false rumors against the army
I'm Still Standing
The Jewish African Prince Rabbi
From Susan’s House to Yours
God's Whiskers
Jerusalem Big Blue Lions Started Season With A WIN
New beer roundup
Blessed be a Sandwich
What If? And What Next?

Bloggers love comments on their posts, even if you have something negative to say, that you don't agree. So, don't be shy.

Have a great week!

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YMedad said...

Thanks for my post being included.

Marina Shemesh said...

Thank you for including my blog post Batya! All of other posts look so interesting too. I am looking forward to reading them.

Batya said...

Thanks to you both. Happy reading.
PS share,too,please

rutimizrachi said...

Thank you, as always, for your tireless efforts on behalf of your fellow bloggers.

Batya said...

Thanks, darling Ruti.