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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thoughts About Tzvi Fishman's "Imagine all the Jewish People lived in Israel. A Chanukah Song"

Today the lyrics of Tzvi Fishman's "Imagine all the Jewish People lived in Israel" don't seem so far fetched. Could such a scenario really be when there wasn't even a single Jewish businessman trying to make a buck in New York or yen in Japan?

Here we are over a hundred years after the first stirrings of Modern Zionism.  No doubt that everyone called Herzl a "dreamer" and couldn't imagine that his solution to antisemitism had a chance to succeed. 

Think about it: Theodor Herzl and the great science-fiction writer, Jules Verne, were peers and died just months apart.  Most Jews of their time probably took Verne more seriously than they took Herzl.  The idea that Jews would find their national salvation in the barren infested Middle-East was preposterous.  Almost every Jew who had the guts to try a new life headed to North America.  You had to be certifiably crazy to go to that "other place."  Few stayed; they either tried another, easier part of the world or died from disease or Arab terror.  Yes, Arab terror isn't new.  It didn't begin with Israel's victory in the 1967 Six Days War nor the 1948 War of Independence.

Even when my husband and I made aliyah, as a couple of newlyweds, it was still a rare phenomena, and conditions here weren't easy.  But today Israel is as modern as any other advanced country.  When we came, we were dreamers, too.  Who could have imagined that Israel would develop into the advanced country it is today with an economy stronger than most?  Those wise with their money are investing their dollars here.

Get real and follow Tzvi's advice.  "Imagine..."


Anonymous said...

First time that song made me cry.. Nice...

Anonymous said...

"No more bagels and gefilte fish"??? He should go out every once in a while!

Otherwise, bravo! Beats all those other snappy song Chanukah videos.

Batya said...

a, yes, Tzvi said some important things
shy, It could have been included for the rhyme but also reminds me of the "kosher style" traif which people substitute for Torah and mitzvot.

Alan said...

if this fellow is the best and brightest Shiloh has to offer... well, you can visit me in Afula. .

3 points:

1. all the Jews ==did== live in Israel in the days of Beit Rishon.... and didn't it help any. Idolotry was rampant; corruption was rampant; and the country didn't do whatever it takes to avoid being conquered.

2. In the days of Beit Shnai, jews were all over the Roman Empire, and it didn't hurt anything. No extra Sicarii Zealots died in their civil-war with clal Yisrael because some folks were busy making a nicer living in Sicily.

3. Yes, if the jews of Cleveland settle in Ramat Aviv, they will be able to write "wow!", "hi" and "bye" in Hebrew. Even watch Hebrew porn. So what are they waiting for ?!?

Wake up and smell the coffee, Batya. Your rabbinic-jewish narrative doesn't possess the horsepower to persuade most of the population to stay "on the derech". It certainly also does not keep the "frumster" rabbi's from pedophilia. Anyone with eyes can see that.

Batya said...

Alan, Tzvi is in Jerusalem. Humans have free will, so don't blame G-d for people's sins. We're all works in progress.

Anonymous said...

im more or less with alan. tho i chose to live in israel and dont regret it for a second, and love and appreciate it every second, there are legitimate reasons -- yes, even religious ones -- for not making aliya.

Batya said...

a, cut out the excuses and start imagining...