Tuesday, December 13, 2011

G-d's Hand, It's All in The Timing

For me, life became easier, more wonderful when I finally recognized my lack of power.  G-d is the great organizer, conductor.

Just over fifteen years ago, when I was run over by an Arab terrorist, I actually felt safer and more secure than I had before.  My injury, yes, thank G-d, was relatively minor, and it suddenly became so clear to me that G-d protected me.  I could have been among the murdered or seriously injured.  It wasn't up to me or even to the terrorist.  I was among the first of his targets.  G-d protects us.  G-d decides when our time is up. G-d heals us, and G-d allows disease to ravage our bodies.

How we react to all of this is us to us.  G-d gives us potential but doesn't make our decisions for us.  WE HAVE FREE WILL.

G-d decides when and where we'll be born and to which parents.  And since our parents are human, too, we must find ways to compensate for their mistakes and try to do better jobs with our own children.

When we pray for rain, we pray that it will come in the right season and good, fitting quantities.  Rain is from G-d. Without rain, without water we will all die.  All of life is dependent on G-d.

And how did I decide to write about G-d's gift of perfect timing?  Yesterday when I was waiting for the plumber to come to fix one of the toilets, the doorbell rang.  I was sure it was him, but it was a neighbor who felt she must report that there was a leak coming from a pipe in the back of our house.  Perfect timing!  When the plumber did come a few minutes later, I was able to ask him to do both jobs for one "visit/payment."  I really felt that as a special gift from G-d, Baruch Hashem!


rutimizrachi said...

Truly living in Hashem's embrace means being able to see His hand in even apparently small instances. May you continue to see His power all around you, my friend. Nice job of publicizing the miracle. :-)

Risa Tzohar said...

There is no such thing as coincidence!

Batya said...

ruti, Risa, yes, thanks
G-d is good!

Anonymous said...

Ah but now you have to pay the "piper"! :)

Batya said...

Yes, Shy, but I got two repairs for the price of one visit!