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Saturday, December 10, 2011

New on the Jewish Israel front

Posted by Jewish Israel
Jewish Israel has received a full endorsement from Rav Dov Lior, the Chief Rabbi of Hebron and Kiryat Arba. Rav Lior expressed his complete confidence in Jewish Israel as a trusted source of information and responsible reporting, and urged Jewish leaders and his rabbinic colleagues to utilize Jewish Israel's services before considering activities or involvement with Christian groups and leaders...more

Messianic Calev Myers and Likud MK Danny Danon form new Knesset Caucus
Likud MK Danny Danon and messianic/evangelical attorney Calev Myers have just founded a Knesset caucus to battle international anti-Semitism. Putting Myers at the helm of such a venture would be something akin to appointing fallen White House Press Correspondent Helen Thomas as director of the Anti-Defamation League. Myers frequently derides – in the strongest of language - the Torah observant community and those who resist messianic overtures and moves towards assimilation in Israel....more

Jewish Israel column appears in new publication, the Jerusalem Observer
The Jerusalem Observer ("Hamashkif") is a new, free weekly Hebrew - English publication in Israel. Ellen Horowitz, Content and Research Director for Jewish Israel, has been asked to add her insights in a regular column for the paper. The December 2 issue carried her article "an Unholy Alliance" and the December 9 issue carried the editorial on Danny Danon and Calev Myers ..more


Batya said...

Ellen, thanks so much for posting this. Tizki l'mitzvot!

ellen said...

Thank you, Batya!

Hadassa said...

Mazal tov, Ellen and everyone else at Jewish Israel! Keep up the good work.

ellen said...

Thank you, Hadassa.
Those wishing to read Rav Lior's psak “On the Matter of Receiving Assistance from Non-Jews” which is dated Erev Rosh Ha’Shannah 5772should go to halachic section at