Monday, December 5, 2011

Change? Our Our Characters, Path, Ikar Core, Can They Change?

Chaviva threw out what at first seemed a very superficial challenge, asking on facebook and her blog how we've changed in the past ten years or since high school graduation, which for her are one and the same.  I linked to it in my blog visiting post.  Of course, for people like me, there's a lifetime of difference between the two, since she's the age of my youngest child.  One of my peers, rickismom, who blogs on Beneath the Wings, answered Chaviva.  Chaviva commented and I replied to her comment:
Chaviva, maybe the "ikkar," the core of us doesn't change, but change is an integral part of Judaism. That's what teshuva is. Our "ikkar," core is good and pure, and we must peel away the drek, sorry but I just can't think of a better term for it.

Superficially, we can change. Some of us never get to the core, unfortunately.

We all have our ups and downs. Life isn't perfect, and it's certainly not easy. Sometimes it seems like G-d has given us challenges we can't deal with.

Rickismom, you're an inspiration for many.
Chaviva's blog is a wonderful revealing narrative of a young woman's journey.  Chaviva's road is being revealed and is never dull.  Rickismom and I are a full generation older, but because Judaism never freezes a person in one frame, we're all traveling and changing, even if it looks superficially like we've "arrived" at our goals.  Unlike in sports, the goal posts are supposed to keep moving.

I've been learning about football, American, because my son plays.  I was surprised to discover that after a touchdown, there's another play/chance to add a couple of points.  Judaism allows permits unlimited "extra points."  The "play" is never over.  We can always add points by continuing teshuva, repentance.  That's the ikar the core/main goal of Judaism.  We're never finished with our journey until our very last breath.


rickismom said...

Thanks for linking to me. I MAY be an inspiration (thanks...), but that particular post was not all that inspiring.Hope people aren't disappointed when they reach it.
You've made some good points here.

Batya said...

Just like throwing a ball. Some can aim and catch and some can't.