Thursday, December 22, 2011

House-Building Update, Quick and Easy Jewish Building

Just a couple of days ago I blogged about the house that is very quickly being built across from us.  A large portion of the price of building is just paying the workers, so the quicker the building process is, the less the house will cost.  Or it won't cost more to use Jewish workers if they use a very fast building method.  This also saves on rental costs, because the family who is paying for the new house has been renting a different one.  Also, by building with Jews, there is no need to pay for a security guard.  Some local contractors use far-eastern workers, but they have to also provide housing etc.

Yesterday, when I returned home from my Matan Bible studies in Jerusalem I could see lots of progress, even though only a couple of days, at the most, had gone by since I had last photographed the house.

Here are the new pictures:

You can see that the outside is being prepared for siding, probably stone

The side door and windows were cut after my last photos had been taken. 

The house will be warm in the winter, since it has good insulation and faces the eastern sun.  My daughter's addition to her house was made in a similar way and they hardly have to heat it.


Anonymous said...

...or you could use the faster method with arabs and get things done both faster and cheaper.
i am no fan of arabs. but we need to recognize that they play a vital role in building and construction here.

Batya said...

What's wrong with giving work to Jews?

Anonymous said...

nothing. but i dont want to pay extra for it.
and apparently few in israel do either.
there are people who can only afford construction etc. because it is so cheap.

Batya said...

a, I'm not the law. I'm just a blogger trying to open people's minds. I give my opinion and don't force anything on anyone. You are an unknown to me.