Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christians in the HolyLand

Hat tip: IMRA

I guess this is as good a time as any to remind all of you that here in the Middle-East, there's only one country that treats its Christians well.

Were you surprised to hear that only in Israel are Christians safe and free to live according to their religion?  That is as long as they don't try to convert Jews--which is against Israeli Law.


ellen said...

Just a clarification on missionary laws in Israel. Israel would be in violation of the International Religious Freedoms Act of 1998 if proselytizing was outlawed(because proselytizing is deemed a religious freedom). So currently there are only two laws which limit missionary activity:
1) No one can offer a material inducement for someone to change their religion
2) No one can discuss changing religion with a minor (under 18 years of age) without their parents' permission.

Anonymous said...

I was going to point out the same facts about our toothless laws.

Frankly, for too long we have been too nice about christian encroachment here in Israel. Thank you, Ben Gurion.

From a Torah point of view, when we eventually run a properly Jewish state, it will be time to stop their nonsense. Inshallah. :)

Batya said...

Ellen, shy, thanks. I always appreciate your input.

Alan said...

At the risk of again getting onto shite lists, let me point out again that all those Filipinot were INVITED into Eretz Israel by YEHUDIM who noticed that ISRAELIS cannot and/or will not properly take care of elderly parents at any affordable wage.

a focus on "Jews settling their Land' is sorta pointless if one doesn't follow up with a focus on Jewish Labor. And if a tribe is not willing to clean its own sewers or change the adult-diapers of its own elderly, we shouldn't really claim that this tribe has the right to take control of the land.

Women's prayers in Shiloh are only possible because (just one example) other people in Haifa are willing to crew tug boats or operate port-control radars on graveyard shifts.

When I see women in Shiloh sending their sons and daughters to Haifa to take care of the grandparents of those who are busy crewing the tug boats, then i'll start to believe that they have a moral leg to stand on in preaching about "Jewish Israel".

Let's not even BEGIN to talk about how the Hebrew kids of those Filipinot are busy doing gibush to gain entry into elite units in the IDF, even whilst some women in Shiloh are busy running blogs whose focuis is helping Anglos to schneur in USA under the guise of "Jewish Israel".

hey Shy Guy: here I am at sea, sleeping (away from my lady friend)in a Navy shipboard Rack, eating canned rations to keep the Mediterranean sea lanes to Ashdod port patrolled so Petach Tikva can have Canadian wheat to manufacture your hanukah candy.

What is YOUR contribution, besides bitching about working people?

Anonymous said...

There is a secular song called "Love lifts us up where we belong" This is what needs to happen.... Love, Love, Love, FOR ALL!!! This is the only way to thank HaShem and be in the right. LOVE,SO WE NEED TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO LOVE ALL THE GOY OUT OF ISRAEL.

Anonymous said...

If you are keeping an eye on your neshama. No body except G-d will be watching it for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alan, jackass, get a life.

I'm on terra firma, served in the IDF, so do our kids, work, pay taxes, volunteer for various organizations.

Go to the bow and piss in the wind.

Batya said...

Alan, watch your language. Don't take it all out on me.

We do our own work here, and my kids didn't take any easy tracks in ife.

I actually have a few Jewish friends, male and female who do "eldercare" as professions.

And since when do I shnur?

ellen said...

It's true Alan,
As I write this, my daughter splits her time between cleaning up the bathroom accidents of adults with mental and learning disabilities,and taking care of homeless youth. She's done elderly care, too. It helps pay for her college education and the rent And, like a lot of Jews, she just likes helping people.

For what it's worth Israel has absolutely wonderful and dedicated Filipinot care-givers, and although they are devout Christians, I understand that they understand that sharing the gospel with Jews is not part of their job requirement.