Monday, December 26, 2011

Good News? Take off the Blinders

Dry Bones' Shuldig looking for good news.
Blinders may be good for keeping horses focused, but they're very dangerous for humans who are supposed to be making policies to keep us safe.  The world is being ruled by pseudo-intellectual Leftists who, even when have good intentions, are totally blinded to the truth about their pet causes.

That's the nicest way I can describe what's going on in the world.

Combine heavy rose-colored glasses to the blinders and you're going to have some very serious accidents.

Here in Israel, we're endangered because the Government refuses to fight the enemy that hasn't stopped attacking us.  No other country in the world would accept the frequent rocket attacks by Arab terrorists, as if they were just random mosquito bites.

The PLO and its leaders are pet causes by almost all of the world including the Unites States, Europe, the United Nations and even many Israelis.  I find this totally incomprehensible.  The PLO is involved with and supports terrorists and terrorism.  There's no way to white-wash it.

Read Arlene Kushner's latest article about the PLO.  It's easier to make a case for Santa Claus than for the PLO, Hamas, Fatah to be willing to make a true peace with Israel. 

Stop the make-believe.  It's just too dangerous!

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