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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Seen In Jerusalem

If I had the time, I'd spend my days just taking pictures.

When I'm in Jerusalem, I'm generally in the same places each time, downtown, the "center" and then walking to the Central Bus Station.  I'm never bored, maybe in a rush, but it's rare for me to make it the distance without taking out my camera and shooting.

As impressive and artistic as the Jerusalem String Bridge, designed by Calatrava is, those building cranes (or whatever the equipment is) definitely compete.  And they're dynamic, always changing while the bridge just becomes the "straight man," almost boring backdrop, (background.)

The Jerusalem light-rail is weighing heavily on daily life.  I hope the changes I see each time are progress and not just repairs and corrections.  It is taking much too long to complete the job.

This is my favorite spot downtown.  Those knowing what's going on with our family will be able to guess very easily why and where.


Yisroel Reiss said...

Do they have a date they expect the project to be complete? It is a little hectic driving around downtown Jerusalem these days with all of that construction.

Batya said...

In about another year, 2011, until the next delay.

mitzimi @ jerusalem-insiders-guide.com said...

April 7, 2011 is the official date set by the last arbitration panel. I wouldn't hold my breath ...

Really enjoy your photographs!

Batya said...

Thanks mitzi