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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chanukah, Passover and Purim, All Connected

I'm pretty sure that I get on this basic track every year.

So you can say: "Here we go again..."

Seraphic Secret, a very popular, excellent blog, has a post about Passover and freedom and that's what got me going this morning.

The freedom discussed in the Passover Haggadah is of loyalty, allegiance and faith to our Jewish G-d.  It's Mordechai refusing to attend King Achashverosh's festive banquet and his standing proudly, straight and tall as Haman walked by.  It's Judah the Maccabee confidently fighting for Jewish religious independence and practice when the experts told him he hadn't a a chance, too small and weak for the mighty Greeks.

Present day, the modern State of Israel is being ruled by those who although they live in the Land of Israel,  are slaves to the United States, the United Nations, foreign leaders and alien values.

It is not enough to be here in the Land of Israel.  We must burn away the chametz of the mind.

Chag Kasher v'Sameach
Have a Healthy, Happy and Strictly Passover
Remember: You are What You Eat


YC said...

The leaders of in the return to Zion under the Cyrus Degree were good Jews too (Chagi, Zecharyah, Ezra, Nechemya, Zerubabel...). They did not "burn" all their bridges to their patron. Should they have?

(If Israel today should I will leave that to you, the PM and others)

Batya said...

What do you mean by "patron?"

Not only didn't the United States do anything to help in the establishment of the State of Israel, the UN vote was in question until the last minute. Don't you remember the story of Truman and the lobbying of his Jewish friend?

We, Israel, don't owe the US anything! They've never helped, only held us back. It's a big, dangerous myth that it has always been our ally. Rembmer that during the Holocaust, the US sent Jews back to Germany to die. And after that no real improvement in policy.

Anonymous said...

my god. do you really believe that israel doesnt owe anybody, especially america, anything?

in any case, if israel is to be part of the community of nations it needs to build alliances; this is the way of the world, and the way of all societies.

Batya said...

Israel doesn't owe America or the UN bubkes. That's it. The longer we take to realize that our allegiance is to G-d and G-d only the more trouble we'll be in.

YC said...

A navi was needed in the past to say who we should treat as a superpower
For Chezkiah it was wrong
Yirmiyahu said we must follow Bavel but not Mitzrayim

Right now Israel is following what Anonymous said. It would be great to follow Anonymous and Batya's words (I am not a navi :)

Batya said...

I'm following King David, "Yisrael, batach b'Hashem." People of Israel trust in G-d.

That's good enough for me.