Monday, March 22, 2010

That EU Official is Right. Jerusalem is Not Tel Aviv

Of course my reasons for saying that Jerusalem is not Tel Aviv aren't the same as that of Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn:
The EU is "very disappointed by the position of the Israeli government, I think I can say very clearly that Jerusalem is not Tel Aviv..."
Anybody with even the most minimal knowledge of history, ancient and modern know that the two cities have almost nothing in common.  Jerusalem is an ancient city that has been the holiest city for the Jewish People for thousands of years.  That status predates the existence of both Christianity and Islam.

It was declared the Jewish Nation's Capital by King David, and Jews have lived there ever since.

Tel Aviv just celebrated its hundredth anniversary.  It was established by the leaders of the Zionist movement.

Need I say more?


Yonatan said...

Can't write anything about that first comment - it doesn't make any sense after running it through google translate, and I'm sure not clicking on the link.

For anyone that harbored any feelings that the nations were being even handed in the "piece" process, I hope you have had your wake up call.

Batya said...

You're first now. I haven't been sleeping about this appease process.

Unknown said...

Maybe we should argue that Luxemborg should be given back to the French since it was carved out after Napolean's defeat.

Keli Ata said...

Religion aside it's just plain crazy to ask a nation to carve up its capital and hand it over to terrorists.

Perhaps Israel should demand that Muslims carve up Mecca and give part of the land to them?

Keli Ata said...

Not that Israelis are terrorist!!! But the sad thing is, if Israel did acquire Muslim land they would treat the Muslims infinitely better than Muslims treat them.