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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Rare poll results

I blogged about the Chaim Ramon case on me-ander. I haven't seen my point any place else, so far. I'm very ambivalent for various reasons. The judges' decision isn't "satisfying." You can give your opinion on me-ander.

IMRA just posted the results of a poll on the issue. There is a rare situation in which almost all the various groups agree. Differences are very small. Yes, the bottom line is that a plurality think he got shafted; that's my interpretation of the results.

Poll: Plurality thinks conviction of Ramon not justified
Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 1 February 2007
Telephone poll carried out by "Brain Base" ["Maagar Mochot"] of a
representative sample of 528 adult Israelis (including Israeli Arabs) under
the direction of Prof.Y.Katz for Channel 10 Television's morning program on
31 January 2007. statsitical error +/- 4.5 percentage points.

Was the conviction of Chaim Ramon by the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court
justified (for French kissing a young woman without her consent)
Total: Yes 31% No 42% Other replies 27%
Men: Yes 31% No 42% Other replies 27%
Women: Total: Yes 31% No 43 Other replies 36%
Age up to 39: Yes 35% No 36% Other replies 29%
Age over 39: Yes 27% No 50% Other replies 23%

Will the conviction of Ramon encourage or discourage women to complain in
the future to the police about sexual harassment?
Total: Encourage 62% Discourage 7% other replies 31%
Men: Encourage 63% Discourage 7% other replies 30%
Women: Encourage 62% Discourage 8% other replies 30%
Age up to 39: Encourage 61% Discourage 9% other replies 30%
Age over 30: Encourage 64% Discourage 6% other replies 30%

Will the conviction of Ramon encourage or discourage men under similar
circumstances to engage in sexual harassment?
Total: Encourage 6% Discourage 60% other replies 34%
Men: Encourage 5% Discourage 60% other replies 35%
Women: Encourage 6% Discourage 60 other replies 34%
Age up to 39: Encourage 4% Discourage 58% other replies 38%
Age over 30: Encourage 7% Discourage 62% other replies 31%

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