Thursday, February 8, 2007

Fact and Fiction, "The Siege"

Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.
Mark Twain
There's an old saying: "Truth is stranger than Fiction," but this case is a little different. Here is a movie with a message about mistaken US policies and what it can cost the United States.

The main plot of The Siege, is generally ignored, since the Bruce Willis character is connected to the secondary plot. Or could the reason be that Hollywood, the media and U. S. Politicians don't want the most important lesson of the movie to be made known. That is that the movie's Arab terrorists terrorizing the United States got their training from the United States.

I had never heard of the movie when I bought it as part of a "3 for" DVD package last summer. It's a well-acted powerful movie, and I'm sorry that it never became the great hit it deserves to be. Maybe it's because the plots aren't pleasant, especially in post-9/11 USA. Most people concentrate on the "civil rights" issues of the movie, very "un-pc."

Now, why am I writing about this old movie? This isn't your classic movie review, though any movie starring Denzel Washington, Annette Bening and Bruce Willis can't be bad.

This morning, when checking my email, I saw that IMRA had sent a link saying:

U.S. moving ahead with plans to train Palestinian security forces

Deja vu for sure! That's the movie!!

The truth is that the United States is now caught in a totally, miss-conceived war in Iraq. The results will be much more dangerous for world peace than the Vietnam business. The bigshots in the the Pentagon and Congress refuse to recognize the close connections between the various International Arab and Moslem terrorists. International means the United States, Europe, Asia, the Southern Hemisphere and the Middle-East including Israel. Yes, the entire world!

Educating Iraqis in Democracy will not make them like the peaceful and respectful residents of Vermont. And of course, chastising Israel for defending herself will not make the Arab terrorists not include America as a target. The Arab terrorists, like sharks, just get hungrier, the more human blood you feed it.

There's true fear in Europe now about Arab Moslem takeovers. The Dutch feel like second class citizens in parts of Holland. France and Denmark have suffered from Arab Moslem riots. Things aren't getting better.

It certainly won't help world peace to give the Arabs here in the "PA" more weapons and more training. It's no secret that weapons given to the Arabs as part of various "peace treaties," like the Oslo Accords, were then used by the Arab terrorist to murder Jews.

The Americans just refuse to realize that they're creating more monsters, more dangers to themselves and the rest of the world! Why do they refuse to learn from their mistakes?

I understand that the World Powers won't take my advice, but maybe if they see the movie, they'll understand just how dangerous such a thing would be.


ggggg said...

pretty sad really. The Americans- with good intentions usually- make the same mistakes over and over and over.......God help us!

Anonymous said...

You're right.

A well known woman who's from the Middle East was on Hannity & Colmes the other night. FINALLY she's the only person I've heard since 9/11 come out and say "the difference between moderate and extremist muslims is a Western fabrication, on Arab streets there is no difference." I hope someone actually heard her say it. That's the problem, our gov't won't believe that there is no "moderate" group. Yeah there's a few that aren't religious, that don't care, but very few.

So we go about trying to fix the problems which will never be fixed.

Batya said...

lv, you're right
Israelis like to imitate Americans. If Americans make mistakes, then Israel, wants to, also.

a, Did you say "woman?"
no surprise

Anonymous said...

They will never learn, they don't want to learn and I have a gut feeling that there is far more behind the whole thing because they couldn't be that dumb. But do you rememeber the Gulf War. They didn't want Israel to take actions also for ulterior motives. At the end they, the Americans got killed en masse from one rocket while Israel had except for one only material damage. This is the nature of things, they want in essence to ruin the Jewish people Hashem has other plans. Therefore I am learning not to worry, just to watch closely what the enemy is doing, trying not to get angry or upset and then again you see : boom! Mida keneged Mida.It is the nature of things. Look what happened to Begin, poor man, look what happened after he gave away Sinai. to Sharon whos is not in this world nor the other,he who did the hitnatkut is cut off from both worlds, look at Rabin who was killed not for Kidush Hashem, look at Ramon who planned the Gush Katif expulsion and he is punished for something that is probably not even is fault and what is worse to be severely punished for something what you think you are not guilty of. He who is the planner of the hitnatkut is cut of from political life. Mida keneged Mida. So the more so with somebody or with a whole country that plans aganst His People. At the end it is something positive something that will keep the Jewish people going as long as they cling to Him and only to Him and not to the army that just is a means to the end, not to leaders who are just basar vedam, only to Him with hundred percent emuna, then He will send Moshiach who will buld the Beth Hamikdash and peace will reign all over the World bimhera beyamenu, amen, love you Rivkah

Batya said...

Love you, too, Rivka!
You're right as always!

Esser Agaroth said...

B"H Batyah, You're right on the mark. Byt even scarier than "these Arabs are different from those Arabs" mentality of the U.S. President and State Dept. is the "these Arabs are different from those Arabs" mentality which STILL exists in Israel, and EVEN in some Ye"Sh communities, like Ofra and Efrat. There's even at least one of your neighbors who still employs Arabs!

Batya said...

you're right